Got’dem Manga Blues!

I don’t know what it is, but I just haven’t felt like reading manga recently. I skipped this week’s Manga Monday and I’ll probably be skipping the next one, or two, as well. All of which is really just an excuse to write this post and post this picture:


Feel the blue…


I have a feeling today is going to be “one of those” days. Bookstooge out.



13 thoughts on “Got’dem Manga Blues!

    1. No video games for me. The amount of effort I have to put forth to play a game [I’m not very good, at all and never have been] is so much more than the enjoyment I get out of it that I end up losing my “enjoyment quota” even faster than if I did nothing 🙂

      I am hoping a couple of weeks off will do the trick to get me back in.

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