March ’17 Roundup & Ramblings


This month was a short month in regards to the amount of books I read.  I have a total of 17, but 5 of those are 24 page comic books. So 11 novels and 1 manga. It wasn’t that I read any particularly hard books or even books that I hated.  In miscellaneous info, I got to 100 followers, realized I am burned out on manga and started in on some small comic books to keep me in the visual book game.

United States of Japan was my worst read of the month and even it was a 2 star.

An Empire Asunder was my most fun and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

My most satisfying read was a tie between The One Kingdom and Dreams of Distant Shores.

Part of my reading cutback has been due to work issues.  Work has been very unsettled since the end of February and that just affects everything. Our new manager, my former field coworker, is pulling his hair out trying to fulfill obligations left by the previous manager, I’m stuck with working with part time people while our boss tries to find someone full time who likes to work outside year round AND [more importantly] can get along with someone like me for 8rs a day, 5 days a week.


Another reason is church. Our new pastor has been taking a very hands off approach and people have been having ideas pop up like daisies. Not only that, they’re acting on those ideas, which is fantastic; it just means that we’re more busy overall. We’re also trying to do some big Audio/Visual changes that is going to include re-wiring everything.


And finally,  I have been trying to make Sunday my Magic: The Gathering day. Since I go to church on Saturday, I use Sunday as my chore/fun stuff day.  Having a couple of people to play Commander with is fun and I’ve been customizing one of the new 4color commander decks that came out late last year. I’ve also finished collecting a complete set of 4th Edition cards from 1995. That  is the edition I started playing MTG with and so those cards, while not a good investment, have so much nostalgia in them that I could sink a ship with it.


So getting back to books, and wrapping this up, here is some cover love:

Spiderman 2099 #1


Dreams of Distant Shores


22 thoughts on “March ’17 Roundup & Ramblings

    1. Book numbers are ALL about perspective 🙂 There was a young lady on Booklikes, who was able to read 40+ books EVERY month, and sometimes more, while going to school. It blew my mind. And her “low” month would be like 30. It made me laugh, be jealous and be thankful for what I was able to read myself. I never try to rub numbers into other peoples’ faces, but most people don’t have the same lifestyle that I do. So whatever people end up reading, I like to celebrate that.

      Of course, I make up for that by being curmudgeonly as possible at other times 🙂

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      1. hahahaha wow!! Well I do have my “high” months- but I’ve never heard of 40 in a month!!! That said, I’m never bothered by how many books other people read in a month- just impressed! I just read as many as I can/fancy and I’m happy with that. hahaha so do I 😉

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    1. I know. 2016 was the perfect year of work. I had a coworker who was a licensed surveyor and we got a long famously and he just took charge and I was skilled enough to follow along.
      Now I’m dealing with either training kids or dealing with old guys who are so set in their ways that I have to train them in the way we do things and fight them the whole way. I’d kill for a 22 year old with a solid worth ethic, dark humor, doesn’t mind physical labor and who doesn’t think he knows more about field work than me after working with me for 2 weeks.

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      1. I’ve been there my friend. It’s hard to break young blood…The kids these days think they came into world with all the answers already written. It’s a chore!

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  1. Sounds like your church is hoppin’! Are you the sound guy then? I tried to learn the sound board once and it, er, didn’t go so well Lol Anyway, I hope things smooth out at your work soon. Sounds really rough.

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    1. “Hopping” might be a bit too much. BUT. We’re showing signs of life again after 8 years.

      I was in charge of sound, as I’ve got experience [learned it in bibleschool in ’97 and ran things with supervision then] but thankfully another guy has recently joined who has greater capabilities so he gets to be in charge. I can “maintain” things, he can “innovate”. And, he gets along with people better. 😀

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      1. Lol, you techies are indispensable! I played drums for several years on worship teams and you’re seriously the unsung heroes. Good luck with all that new blood!

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    1. Sometimes rounding up the 4 of us who play is like herding cats. Between school [2 of them are in highschool], work [the other 2 of us] and kids [the other guy], we’re lucky to get 2 sundays a month 🙂

      I’ve tried the computer game version, but it just isn’t nearly as fun. And as for the online version, I am NOT going to pay money for virtual cards…

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  2. I never tried Magic: The Gathering during my teenage days. From what I recall, every time I ran into them at the store, they always had this “adult” vibe to it. I was more into Yu-Gi-Oh (I was pretty hooked to that stuff) even if the booster packs for Magic were RIGHT next to it. Glad to hear you’re still enjoying it today (at least twice a month). Hope work stabilizes faster and lets you read more per month! I, myself, hate how school/my thesis can get in the way of my reading… especially when I’m probably the SLOWEST reader in the blogosphere…

    – Lashaan

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    1. Yep, MTG is definitely aimed at the older teen to adult crowd. It also has a much “bigger” world story, or technically, multiverse story. And to be honest, I find the numbers easier to deal with than with Yugioh’s 1000’s.

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