Deadhouse Gates: The End


Complete and Utter Mega-Spoilation Ahead!



*explosions and missiles launching while a bear high fives a shark. In Space!*




I didn’t bother with taking notes for the last chapters. I was getting seriously worded out [or more specifically, I was running out of words in typing up notes] and it was starting to affect me. So the following are the highlights from my poor brain.


So, Coltaine delivers the refugees to Aren, but Pormqual won’t sent out troops to save the 7th and so the 7th dies. Coltaine dies. Then when Pormqual goes to treat with Korbolo Dom, Dom ends up killing all the Malazan troops [some 8000] and crucifying all their bodies.  Along with Duiker.

Kalaam fights a ton of Claws, makes it to Laseen’s chamber and then changes his mind when it is revealed that Dujek Onearm’s “exile” is a facade to foster trust so a combined force can face the Pannion Domin, whatever that is. Apparently, it is worse than Sha’ik Reborn and her rebellion.

Tremorlor, the Azath House, gets a new guardian and the company that went into it all go their separate ways. It is revealed that Icarium is Goltho’s son, who is also a guardian of an Azath house. Icarium’s “sin” was to try to free his father all those 1000’s of years ago and wounding a Warren, which caused his madness and forgetfulness. That little jewel was about 2 paragraphs slipped in between other stuff.

Felisin, now in control as Sha’ik Reborn, pulls her forces back to regroup, catch their breath and plan on how to deal with Adjunct Tavore and all the new troops. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, The End.

I’ll be going over how I felt overall about this book in my actual review, probably coming this weekend. I need some serious processing time.

Here’s a good sum up of how I feel right now, even though it is for a later book:

Joel’s Review of House of Chains


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21 thoughts on “Deadhouse Gates: The End

    1. This is a densely complex book that I can see sucking you in. It is Epic Fantasy/Dark Fantasy, so that would be my only reservation in recommending this to you.


  1. Done, done, finally done 😀 I think he did well, setting up for the next books. Although it was overly dramatic 😉 And Kalam’s storyline was a bit all over the place if you look back. Looking forward to your review of the whole book!

    And thanks for reading this book with me, I had lots of fun! Looking forward to MoI already 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Doing a readalong really helped me to slow down, take notes and actually contemplate some of the narrative layers.
      I suspect my review will enter into “Long for Bookstooge” territory…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I know. Mrs Bookstooge came out of the bedroom while I was writing this because I was laughing so hard and she wanted to know what the joke was. She was mildly amused…

      Liked by 1 person

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