Don Quixote: Part II: Chapters 14-16


Still plugging along here. I’m just in no rush at all.

Up to page 589

Italics are what I penciled in the margins

The block quotes are quotes from the book.

Everything else are just my thoughts as I’m typing along here




Chapter 14

In which the Knight of the Wood turns out to be an old “friend”.


I came, I saw, I conquered.

Quote from who?  Turns out to attributable to Julius Caesar.

As a side note, why the bloody phrack wasn’t that noted in the back? It is this kind of slipshod “notes” from E.C. Riley that is really turning me off this edition.


He saw, says the history, the very face…of the bachelor Samson Carrasco;

So the Knight of the Wood turns out to be the Bachelor. What a trouble maker! I hope he dies.


…Sancho, eyeing him more and more, with a loud voice of admiration, said:

‘Blessed Virgin, defend me! Is not this Tom Cecial, my neighbour and gossip?’

‘Indeed am I,’ answered the unnosed squire; ‘Tom Cecial I am, gossip and friend to Sancho Panza;’

Another trouble maker. A pox on them all!


Chapter 15

In which the Bachelor, being beaten by Quixote on the field of arms,  is a fool and blames Quixote for all his pains and plans his revenge


‘It is fit you should,’ answered Sampson; ‘but to think that I will return to mine, till I have soundly banged this same Don Quixote, is to be greatly mistaken; and it is not now the desire of curing him of his madness that prompts me to seek him, but a desire of being revenged on him; for the pain of my ribs will not let me entertain more charitable considerations.’

Yet is was Sampson, the Bachelor, who sought out Quixote under the guise of the Knight of the Wood. He has no one to blame but himself but like a true human, he assigns the blame elsewhere and shirks his responsibility in the matter.


Chapter 16

In which they meet another traveller who is beguiled by Quixote’s manner and not sure that he is mad at all.


‘God knows the truth,’ answered Sancho; who, well knowing that the transformation of Dulcinea was all his own plot and device, was not satisfied with his master’s chimerical notions, but would make no reply, let he should let fall some word that might discover his cheat.

How can he be so smart and yet so dumb? A mystery with no solution I am afraid


I have accomplished a great part of my design, succouring widows, protecting damsels, aiding married women and orphans; the natural and proper office of knights-errant. And thus, by many valorous and Christian exploits, I have merited the honour of being in print, in all, or most of the nations of the world.

What? When did those acts happen?   And that last sentence, sounds just like Special Snowflakes of today



1213_quixote_17Quixote meets the “Enchanted” Dulcinea of Sancho’s creation

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