Pulse (Chess Team Adventure #1) ★★★★ ½

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Title: Pulse
Series: Chess Team Adventure #1
Author: Jeremy Robinson
Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pages: 335
Format: Digital Edition



Ridley wants to live forever. All he needs to do is find the head of the mythical hydra and turn his science team onto it. When a U.N. Team finds it, Ridley steals it, kills the team and kidnaps one of the scientists. Unfortunately for Ridley, said scientist is the best friend of Jack Sigler

Jack, better known as King, is the head of a super-secret Special Forces group, led by the anonymous Deep Blue. Each member has a Chess piece designation and they are the top of the top and so dark that even a Black Hole looks white compared to them.

The Chess Team swings into action and carnage ensues. Volcanoes blowing up, humans going crazy with super regenerative powers, killer capybara’s, a restored Hyda and Hercules. Yes, Hercules. He’s real as the hydra. Ridley’s Security Group is almost as good as the Chess Team so hopefully between them both, they can take down a creature that is immortal and can regenerate.


My Thoughts:

Why this book hit the spot, I don’t know, but my goodness, it was pure action/adventure with a dose of mythicalness that caught my imagination with guns, guts and glory. The closest series that approximates this is Greig Beck’s Alex Hunter series. But while that is mediocre and just ok, this was pure awesome.

I know I’m kind of babbling but I’m having a very hard time nailing down why I liked this so much. There were guns, big guns and lots of gun battles. There were human monsters. There were monster monsters. There were dastardly bad guys and super heroic good guys. There was a secret society. And Hercules.

All those things came together in the perfect way. I don’t know if future books will affect me the same or if anyone would like this book as much as me, so take all this blathering enthusiasm with a big dose of reality.


★★★★ ½



21 thoughts on “Pulse (Chess Team Adventure #1) ★★★★ ½

    1. I think part of it was timing. I was very disappointed with where Lord of the Darkwood went and so something that put me on a bullet train and never stopped, barely allowing me to catch my breath, was exactly what I needed at that time. Kind of like how good water tastes when you are really thirsty…

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  1. Funny that you’d compare Robinson to Beck, I’d not drawn that similarity, probably because I didn’t like the first Greg Beck novel I read. Although, Robinson has his own flaws. He certainly puts together a cracking thriller, and he churns them out. But part of the quick turn-around seems to be some major holes in his research.

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    1. Special special for es, a touch of mythic or supernatural. Ones team oriented and the others individual.
      As for ‘research’ I tend to turn my brains off for books like this, so it has to be pretty agregious for me to notice. Of course, now that you’ve said something…

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