In Remembrance of my friend Amy

A little over 2 weeks ago my friend Amy succumbed to her cancer and passed on.

Amy’s Last 15 Months

She chronicled her time and her husband Nate wrote about his experiences as well.

I grew up being best friends with Amy’s brother Andy. So she was always around. I went to Bibleschool with her and learned about her as a young adult. She was on the group trip to California where I met my future wife. She attended our wedding. We grieved when her father passed on due to an unexpected heart attack. We watched her just glow when she showed off Nate. We attended her wedding.  And this past Sunday we attended her wake.

There are a LOT of memories.  You don’t grow up with someone, go to Bibleschool together and then be part of the same 20 something’s group without collecting them. They are good memories, very good memories.

Amy was a devout Christian and I know that I’ll see her again so I am not in despair. But the pain of knowing I’ll not see her again in this life hurts. I grieve.



28 thoughts on “In Remembrance of my friend Amy

  1. I’m so sorry and my heart goes out to you, Mrs. Bookstooge, and Amy’s husband and family. It’s so strange to say goodbye for now so soon. I wish there were more words! I know that you are leaning on Him.

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  2. Ah, this is just so rough. So sorry you’re missing your friend. I’ll be praying for all who knew her to experience that peace that passes all understand, my friend!

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