Downtown, Wing and a Prayer (Spiderman 2099 #6, 7) ★★★☆☆


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Title: Downtown, Wing and a Prayer
Series: Spiderman 2099 #6, 7
Author: Peter David
Artist: Rick Leonardi
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comics
Pages: 45
Format: Digital Scan



Miggy survives his fall into “down town” with the aid of an anonymous doctor and immediately proceeds to act like an ass. He goes off before being fully healed or even knowing where he is. The Public Eye, under direct orders [yet again] from Stone, is looking for him to capture him. They find him but he is swept away by some guy who is the leader of the Freaks, a guy with metal wings and who can fly. Vulture 2099. Vulture wants Miggy to join him in his fight against the other gangs. Miggy refuses and runs off. A flying battle ensues.

At the same time, Miggy’s brother Gabe heads downtown to look for Miggy, survives a mugging and ends up with a gun. While waiting outside his girlfriend’s apartment, someone grabs his shoulder and he shoots without looking. The volume ends with it being a woman he apparently knows lying in a puddle of blood.


My Thoughts:

Frenetic is the word to describe the pace here. Miguel continues his boneheaded and impulsive behavior and just reacts. It certainly allows for fights and action scenes to naturally flow because anyone with half a brain would think and then avoid the fights. Comics, sigh.

Stone, the apparent villain, has a conversation with the CEO of Stark-Fujikawa and that guy knows that Stone used the Specialist for his own purposes and warns Stone that he won’t forget that.

Vulture 2099 is introduced, but since I didn’t really know anything about him in the 90’s, I can’t compare. He appears to be a man who has been experimented on, hence giving him his abilities, but those experiments also seem to have left him mentally disturbed. He’s a bloody cannibal for goodness sake. I guess we’ll see if he develops as a real villain or just a caricature of the character from the past.

I probably could have read the next issue right away, as it’s a continuation of this story arc, but I couldn’t take any more of Miggy or the “practically on speed” pace of things.



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