Got Myself A New Oasis

I am a big proponent of ebooks, and hence ereaders.  It helps that I like gadgets 🙂  I started my journey into ebooks back in ’07 with a Palm Pilot Tungsten E. I could put txt files on it and read them at lunch time at work.  Much more compact and fit into my bookbag much easier than a paperback or hardcover. Around the house I didn’t use it because it was more convenient to use a paper copy. It also helped that by ’07 the model had been discontinued and hence was wicked cheap on ebay.

At this time Amazon introduced their brand new Kindle ereader.  For me, it was lust at first sight. Imagine, an ELECTRONIC GADGET that was dedicated to reading books! Life as I knew it had obviously reached its Ultimate Form and simply could not get any better. Sadly, the starting price was $400. I had just bought a condo, was courting Mrs Bookstooge [which involved flying cross country for one of us every 3 months] and the economy was just starting to dip and it was already affecting the land surveying business, so an unnecessary gadget was not in the cards. With the success of the kindle, every electronics company got in on the game.

In late ’08 I scraped some money together and bought a used Sony 505.  It was as good as I was expecting. Suddenly having the ability to carry around a hundred books, if I so desired, changed how I viewed books.  At the same time I started working Security part time and had a lot more time of sitting around, so having those books on one device instead of caring around 3 or 4 paper copies was very nice. I worked my way through the 505 and ended up trying a variety of other readers as well: the sony 350, sony t1, nook simple touch and eventually a kindle 4 non touch [the last kindle to have buttons, at the time].  I bought 2 of them on Black Friday in ’12 and have been happily reading along since then.

With how much I read though, the page turn buttons on one of the units had started to go. Sometimes it wouldn’t turn the page at all, sometimes it would turn 2 pages. The buttons were just wearing out. I figured I was all set though because I had the second unit, which I had gotten for Mrs B but she ended up gravitating towards the Tablet side of electronics, so it was pretty much unused. Then I made the mistake of using my brother’s Paperwhite for a weekend. Oh, the light, the weight; it made my K4 seem like a dinosaur. So I began scheming and saving up for a new kindle. But I am a button kind of guy. I can handle touch screens, but I don’t like them. And all the new kindles were touchscreen. Until the Oasis was announced. Suddenly, there was a lighted, premium ereader with buttons on the market. Then Amazon had one of their periodical buyback programs where you can trade in your old kindles for giftcards and put them towards a new kindle. I got rid of my old kindles, used the reward points from our credit card and voila, I was suddenly the owner of an Oasis with no money out of pocket!

I ordered it Monday, and because we’re Prime members, had it by Thursday. I plugged it in and didn’t touch it until Friday night. Friday night I registered it, downloaded all 27 collections and then transferred all 145 books from my old k4 to the Oasis. Once I got all the books in the correct collections, I was good to go. Spent the evening reading on it and have to say, I am pleased as punch. I thought my k4 was light [especially compared to the metal sony505] but the oasis feels like half the weight. I can comfortably hold it one handed and I have small hands. The light is easy to adjust and in all honesty, doesn’t even look like “a light” is shining on the page. The text just becomes visible. And the buttons. They work out perfectly for me. While the Oasis is a bit pricey at the get go, I’ve come to realize that reading is what I “do” and hence need to treat it as such. Which means a good reader.

I’ve included some pictures of my K4 next to the Oasis and then just the Oasis with my hand for comparison. Each picture should be linked so if you click it it comes up big.


k4Oasis on the Left, K4 on the Right (in their respective covers)


k3Same Screen Size.  Amazing


k2Hand size for comparison


k1You can see, kind of, how it nestles into the palm of my hand. It is so light that it is not top heavy and there is no strain holding it.

46 thoughts on “Got Myself A New Oasis

    1. Honestly, if you’re happy with your pw and it ever dies, just get another one. It is so much cheaper than the oasis. For me however, buttons are a non-negotiable thing. It wasn’t enough of a thing for me to pay for, hence why I hung on to my k4’s so long 🙂 But once that tradein pushed me over the finish line, well, you get this post 🙂

      I still can’t believe how light it is. I feel like I’m holding a paper plate…

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      1. I AM happy with it, but i still like the button&touchscreen combination 😀 so whenever it breaks, I will probably upgrade.

        I don’t mind spending lots of money on it, I know it will be worth it 😉

        Enjoy your Oasis 😀 even the name is cool!!

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  1. Congrats on the new purchase! That’s a handsome looking device. I started out in the world of ebooks with the first gen nook e-ink reader (don’t remember what it’s called) and I had it for years. I only recently upgraded to a tablet, like you, after trying someone else’s device. I enjoyed the tablet’s night mode so much I had to move on from ereaders. Anyhow hope you’re getting plenty of reading done on your new Oasis.

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    1. Thanks!

      Just as an fyi, the Oasis is an e-ink reader. I’ve tried tablets [I’ve got a zenpad 8 for reading manga on] and I find I can’t do more than 30-40minutes before I need a break. Now Mrs B? She’ll read for hours on it. No clue why it affects some people and not others.

      What tablet do you have? I figure most tablets we use have about a 2 year lifespan, so I’m always on the lookout for newer models, as I’ll probably end up buying it a year after it comes out 🙂

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      1. I’m with you there on getting gadgets a year after they come out. Never really got the point of standing in line for days to pay full price for a new device… then again I’m not a fan of IOS, so it’s beyond me heh.

        I have a Samsung Galaxy tab A 8-in. It’s heavy in the hand, but I rarely need to pick it up when reading, so the weight doesn’t bother me. As far as tablets go, it’s pretty average. I got it refurbished a year after it came out at a really good price.

        The trick to reading on tablets for me is doing it at night on night mode with the brightness lowered as much as possible. It’s much easier on the eyes and reduces the glare on your face, but night mode probably wouldn’t work for you with manga. :/

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  2. Wonderful buy! But expensive as hell. To shell out almost 300 euros (with shipping to Portugal) is a bit much. I’ve still got my Amazon Kindle ( Wi-FI) 2gb bought in 2011. It’s still going strong…

    Loved the pictures btw.

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    1. Even at 290 US, it would have been too much for me by itself. But that is why I have the amazon rewards cc.

      How do you like the touch screen on your kindle? Or is it still the button version? Amazon has such a weird naming convention/edition/year name, etc that it is almost impossible to casually keep track of. Which I think is what they’re aiming for.

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          1. Me too. My wife has the kindle version without the buttons and it’s a chore to have to click the screen to turn the page. Awful…

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  3. I got a new Kindle this week as well. Not the Oasis, as that was bit more expensive, but I got a paperwhite. Very impressed with that as well. I often travel, so E readers are great for that too 🙂

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    1. Does the travel ban affect you at all Paul? I’ve seen a lot of kerfuffle and wind blowing but never talked to anyone actually affected by the laptop/electronics ban.

      I used to take a bookbag filled with books whenever I had to go anywhere out of state. Now an ereader is a real blessing. All that space saved 🙂

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      1. Not really no, I’ve not experience anything much like that. Even if not travelling, or just having a weekend away, or just a lazy few days rest, I find an e reader still very handy. I had one of the old one’s but the new paperwhite is also very good. Glad I treated myself to one now 🙂

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  4. E-readers! I could not live without them… 🙂
    First they allow me to quickly obtain books from my favorite e-store, and I can have several books at my beck and call on a very limited weight, but the best feature is indeed the touch screen: I do most of my reading on the subway to and from work, and the touch screen allows me to hold the book and turn the page with one hand, while the other is busy keeping me upright on the train 🙂
    Congratulations on your new acquisition!

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  5. Ooh, shiny! I used to upgrade my Kindle every year, because as you say, reading’s what I do and I don’t mind spending money on something I use a whole lot. That said, with what I call the “luxury” readers from Amazon in recent years, I’ve been waiting a bit longer between upgrades. Currently rocking my Voyage which I love, and once it wear and tear sets in I’m thinking of investing in an Oasis.

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  6. Damn. That’s definitely a sweet upgrade. Thanks for sharing your story behind e-readers too. How practical it is really makes it so… attractive. I’d honestly would love to give a kindle device a shot just to see how it feels to reader on a gadget instead of paper. I’ll however continue with paper for now and snatch a kindle when its at an insanely low price (or free? :D) Enjoy the Oasis! (While some might see these gadgets as too expensive or not affordable, they should.. also see it as a long term investment too!)

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    1. For me, it is all about space. Living in a 2bedroom condo has its constraints. The 2nd room is already pretty much filled up with books and has been since ’08. So I either get wicked creative, sell/giveaway books when I’m done with them or go digital. Between those options and my love of gadgets, ereaders won out easily 🙂

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    1. Yep, the kindle dx was their foray into the large eink market. Which fizzled, and not just for Amazon.
      I thought about buying another brand’s version but I used my dad’s and it was just too heavy for me.

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  7. I’ve got the 4th Gen Kindle which is 5 years old now. It gets a bit sluggish with lots of books on it (lots being >900 ish). Big thing was the page turn buttons aren’t as much chop as they once were, and they were only okay to begin with. How are the new Kindles with page turns?

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    1. So you have the same thing as me, I believe.

      I like the oasis buttons. They aren’t fitted into the frame like the k4’s, so it took me a day or two to get used to having a raised ridge under my thumb. But they work well and when I need to switch hands, I just flip it over and the text flips and the buttons keep their forward/backward orientation.

      As for sluggishness, I never had more than 200 books at a time on any ereader. Newer/faster parts might make a big difference though if that’s your thing.

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