The City of Mirrors – I’ve read 0%

mirrors (Custom)Thus begins my final leg of this journey.  After my mediocre time with both The Passage and The Twelve, I don’t have high hopes for this.

It also doesn’t help that it’s been 7 years since I read The Passage and 3 years since The Twelve. I probably wouldn’t even be reading it now if I hadn’t put it on my kindle when it came out. So it has been sitting there for quite some time and I want it off. That way I can put some other book into my “Misc” grouping on my Oasis.

Page count-wise, it falls squarely between the other two. Great. And here I was hoping it might be under 500 pages so I could race through it.

With all of this belly-aching, you might be wondering why I’m even bothering to read it. Good question. Easiest answer is that it is 6:30am, hot and humid outside and I need something to complain about before going to work. Second answer is that I’m a completist and while I’m doing better these days at DNF’ing books (and series!], sometimes I fall back into that habit.

Plus, did you get that part about it being on my kindle? It is already there and it’s time in my reading rotation has appeared. The Omens have blazed across the sky and the Earth shakes with Portents.  It’s totally not my fault I have to read this, I am powerless before the Awesome Power of The Reading Order!!! 

*queue Darth Kermit*



25 thoughts on “The City of Mirrors – I’ve read 0%

    1. This is why I tend to NOT download directly to my kindle. I usually dl things, add them to Calibre and then hook my kindle up to my computer via usb and transfer them. The whole process just makes me more aware…


  1. I’m really bad about forcing myself to finish individual books, but I’m the opposite as to series. Even where I really like book 1, I drop more series than not.

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  2. It is so damn hard to stop being a completist. I literally feel an almost overwhelming desire to buy the next installment of a series when I see it in my local used bookstore — even when I haven’t yet read the first book.
    But I’m learning to overcome this obsessive compulsion. I just take it one day at a time. And so should you Bookstooge. So should you.

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    1. *raises hand*
      My name is Bookstooge…
      …and I have a problem.

      As for that buying before even starting, I completely understand. I have to remind myself that I now only buy books AFTER I’ve read the whole series. Too many series have bombed on me partway through.

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  3. Mediocre would also describe my own experience with the first two books. Thing is, I probably would have read City of Mirrors too had it come out earlier, but the years have made me forget everything that happened and rereading is not something I would consider. Plus, I have a TBR full of books I’m more enthusiastic about now.

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  4. Aw this book is really not getting lots of love 😀 I liked it, but it had some very slow parts in the middle… 10-15% is a good portion of it! But yeah, if you don’t like it until then, I wouldn’t force myself (and if you want to know, I tell you how it all ended 😀 )

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  5. haha I’m the same about being a completist- it makes no sense, but a lot of the time my instinct is to suffer through a book rather than put it down (though I’m getting better too) I hope this ends up getting better for you though!!

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  6. I’m with you on that non-tangible sensation that forces you to complete things. Sucks that the past two books didn’t work out for you though. I actually wanted to try The Passage some day in the future. What irked you about it? Best of luck with this one though. I feel like you’ll need it…

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