Bloodwalk (Forgotten Realms: The Wizards #2) ★☆☆☆☆


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Title: Bloodwalk
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Wizards #2
Author: James Davis
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 320
Format: Digital Edition



A blood witch is planning on taking over a forest and then some towns, or something. She fools the local oracles who have foiled past plots by pretending to be their god. She raises necromantic forces to take over.

Concurrently, a man with angelic blood in him, a devotee to Hoar, the god of justice [you have NO idea how much I laughed at that] is a wandering justice dispensor. He wanders into the situation and is attempting to stop the blood witch.

Finally, you have 2 sisters, one an oracle, one a hunter who are both fighting to protect their town from complete and utter devastation. Enemies within and without make the job that much harder. Plus dead parents and all the baggage that means.


My Thoughts:

This was trash. It was a poor storyline, poorly executed and poorly written. Davis knows his grammar rules, thankfully, so there were no aggregious misuses of your/you’re, etc. But telling the story? My goodness. The motivation for everyone was clear as mud.

I completely skimmed the last 25% and STILL had a tough time finishing. It didn’t help that I was coming off a book that I also didn’t like, so this was like rubbing salt in the wound.

It did force me to decide if I wanted to continue this Wizards sub-series and the answer was a resounding “NO!”. Sometimes Forgotten Realms books are just junk and you have to chuck them out the window to keep your sanity.



  1. Blackstaff (Book 1)

34 thoughts on “Bloodwalk (Forgotten Realms: The Wizards #2) ★☆☆☆☆

    1. I know. I was really, really reaching with that but had nothing else even remotely good. It was a mess. At least “Last Good Man” told a coherent, make sense kind of story. This one didn’t…

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            1. *Laughing*
              Well, gotta be honest. You’re not missing out. Even the ones I like I know are low quality. Kind of like buying store brand “hot dogs” versus hebrew national. Now THOSE are good hot dogs [and they make GREAT chili dogs]

              Liked by 1 person

              1. hahaha yeah *definitely* not checking it out then! In the UK the “own brand” meat brands turned out to have been made of all kinds of meat… including horse meat 😉 Something to avoid if you ever find yourself in a British supermarket (somehow!)

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  1. I think the best thing to come out of this one is confirmation to skip this sub-series. Onto better, I’d say.

    Started The Haunted Mesa last night and am really enjoying it so far.

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        1. The thing about FR is that they use the books to explain the changes in-game. And they aren’t afraid to completely change the world. I know that they’ve combined the planet and decombined it, at least once, if not twice. And gods rising and falling at the drop of a hat and how magic works, yeah, everything is up for grabs. Probably makes things much easier for the gaming side, but it makes it a bit of a tumultuous ride in reading.

          I know that robert and jarod [over at] have been reviewing dragon lance stuff. I might have to give a little more attention to their reviews now…

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    1. It is truly an epic battle that even the sorting hat would balk at. An epic battle of monkeys, seeing who can fling the most poo.

      Yeah, that is what it seems like sometimes


  2. There’s nothing worse than trudging through an unejoyable book. Sometimes, when really forcing myself, I almost feel like reading is a punishment when I’ve been particularly bad.

    Fortunately I’m reading a novel that, if you like non-stop laughs, and D&D style worlds (that don’t suck, honest!) might be right up your street.

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            1. Ok, so they are different things. Just wanted to make sure, as sometimes indies release the same things with different names, trying to fool the readers.

              I’ve added the Critical Failures to my tbr, so I should be getting to it in about a year or so 😀

              Thanks again!

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