Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 3%

mrmercedes Ok, so I just started this today.  I read the prologue and the first couple of pages of Chapter 1.

I actually had to put my kindle down and take stock if I was really up for this.

It starts out in ’09 with an older gentleman getting in line for the chance of a job. He’s next to a young single mother who has her kid with her. He’s super helpful and I was totally connected to them. And when a shadow grey Mercedes shows up and runs through the crowd, guess who is in front? An older man, a young woman and a baby. Mowed down. I just lost it.

I am going to be picking this up again tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t gut me every other chapter.

1374_4-facebook-smiley-faces-upsetBookstooge is VERY sad right now




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29 thoughts on “Mr Mercedes Buddy Read – 3%

  1. Oh, no! This is the worst. I literally *just* got finished with my ‘starting’ post and was going to sit down and crack this open.

    We can switch books and delay, switch books, or just wait and see how this goes? Ugh.

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  2. That part was completely sad 😢 I just read this one last week…the first Stephen King book I’ve read all the way through without freaking out lol. There are a few other tragic moments that really make you sad, but not like that one, at least in my opinion. I’m reading Finder’s Keeper now since I enjoyed Mr. Mercedes so much. I hope you both enjoy it 😊

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      1. The first scene of the show,people standing in line at a job fair.They do a good job introducing you to really nice guy,mom and baby then the mercedes pulls up and oh…my…god.It was pretty graphic.

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    1. What got me, it wasn’t graphic in ANY way and yet in just a couple of pages King made me feel like I knew these people and their deaths hit like a freight train.

      I was amazed and pissed off at the same time. How DARE he do that to me? 🙂


      1. Accident. I got both audiobooks from the library at the same time and started the first one on the iPod on the way to work. So I never checked the order, just assumed they were in the right order on the list.

        Doesn’t help that the cover is tiny on the iPod Nano screen, so any text is illegible.

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  3. There’s a sequel? I don’t mean to sound dumb,but I’m just coming up on the last two episodes this season. And I don’t know if that covers the entire book or just partially

    And don’t get me wrong I like this series.

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    1. I think the “trilogy” part refers to the fact that Bill Hodges stars in 3 books, not that there is one overarching storyline. I guess I’ll find out in the next 2 years though 😀


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