Sackett (Sacketts #8) ★★★☆ ½

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Title: Sackett
Series: Sacketts #8
Author: Louis L’Amour
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Western
Pages: 160
Format: Digital Edition



William “Tell” Sackett decides that since his younger brothers are so successful that he needs to do something important too. So he finds a hidden valley with a gold mine and a beautiful lost woman.

Gets hunted by golddiggers, some gunslingers out for revenge for their dead brother and a banker. Now THAT is scary! Just imagine the banker from The Bank of Evil in Despicable Me.

The beautiful woman rejects him because he’s such a “savage killer”. Then he rescues her again, kills most of the badguys, gets shot and hooks up with the beautiful woman, who sees the error of her liberal, big city, gun hating ways.

Oh, if only more stories had that kind of happy ending.


My Thoughts:

Besides Ride the River, this was the most enjoyable Sackett story yet. It is also one of the simplest and straight forward ones as well. As well as eye rollingly western tropish. But that is WHY you read L’Amour.

When I married Mrs Bookstooge, if I had known that all I needed to do to get her to agree to me owning a gun was rescue her from a mountain, in a blizzard while being chased by desperadoes, well, that would have totally changed the equation. And doing it while carrying a wounded man who had tried to kill me? Psshawwww! But obviously, real life isn’t that simple. I had to prove to her that her wishes came first for 9 years.

Honestly, I don’t think that Tell Sackett was as big a man as me! I’d like to see him put up with some of the people I have. Of course, he’d probably just shoot them and have done. Ahh, the good old days

* huge grin *

★★★☆ ½



  1. Sackett’s Land (Book 1)
  2. To the Far Blue Mountains (Book 2)
  3. The Warrior’s Path (Book 3)
  4. Jubal Sackett (Book 4)
  5. Ride the River (Book 5)
  6. The Daybreakers (Book 6)
  7. Lando (Book 7)


9 thoughts on “Sackett (Sacketts #8) ★★★☆ ½

    1. I don’t, thankfully, live in a dangerous area. But, the neighborhood has slowly started moving towards renting and landlords instead of owners and I’ve seen a distinct change in the kind of people who now reside in our area. We get a lot of people from the neighboring “big” city as renters. I’ve seen the cops here more in the last year than I have in the last decade. So that IS a factor

      Here in NewHampshire, buying and owning a gun is relatively easy. You have to show vaild drivers license [which has a butt ton of info] and that’s about it. We used to have to get a separate license if you wanted to carry concealed, but I believe that changed a year or 3 ago. Now you don’t need a license to carry concealed. Once I get the gun I’ve got my eye on [probably around Christmas/New years] I’ll still get a concealed carry license. That way if the law changes, yet again, I’m covered.

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    1. Yeah, it wasn’t going to happen when we first got married. Thankfully I was blessed enough to not go against her wishes. Made for a much smoother marriage 🙂
      And now she’s ok with the idea. Hurray for me.


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