Revolution (Omega Force #9) ★★★☆☆

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Title: Revolution
Series: Omega Force #9
Author: Joshua Dalzelle
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 334
Format: Digital Edition



Lucky takes on a mission that will lead him to find out where his lot-mates are, if they still exist. During that process, Omega Force becomes embroiled in a plot to take down the ConFed by a sentient AI. During the action to take down the AI, Lucky is killed and Omega Force must go on.

The book ends with Lucky’s lot-mates, the 36 surviving 700 series battlesynths, taking refuge on Terranovus, humanity’s secret second planet. It also turns out that everything was orchestrated by some shadowy, mysterious figure who has a grudge against Jason Burke and the rest of Omega Force. And to top everything off, Lucky “might” not be dead after all.


My Thoughts:

Another decent Omega Force novel. Everyone new we met in the previou book gets shunted aside and everyone new we meet in this book I’m guessing will be shunted aside in the next book. I have learned to simply accept that this is how Dalzelle operates.

Just based on the action, I was going to give this a half star bump, up to a coveted 3.5 (the crowd goes wild!) but the ending with the faux-mysterious antagonist taunting Burke and Lucky’s not-demise, well, they kind of annoyed me. So OF keeps pace at 3 stars. Honestly, that’s pretty good for an indie that churns out 1-3 books a year. Dalzelle has a good editor and it really shows because I’m never drawn out of the story by either bad grammar/punctuation/etc or really awkward “what does he mean” sentence structure.

No romantic entanglements in this book. Thank goodness. The focus is on the friendship between Lucky and the rest of Omega Force and I thought it was carried off pretty good. I found it interesting that Lucky was never meant to be a battlesynth nor how ANY of 700 series were meant to be. I am kind of hoping that we’ll see more of the 700’s in later books, but given Dalzelle’s track record, I suspect they’ll get used in 2 more books then never heard from again. He just can’t flesh out side characters enough to make them last for multiple books.

I was satisfied with this read and plan on continuing the Omega Force series as it gets released. I have caught up to what Dalzelle has written, so no more backlog to go through.




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