Ranty Ravey McRantyPants!!!!!!!!!!



Please don’t spoil books for people. Ever. Like, even if the book is 200 years old and everyone else has read it. Respect your fellow bookworms  A Re-Tweet

I saw this re-tweet. I wanted to take this little brat over my knee and paddle some sense into their head through their butt. What an arrogant little piece of trash. Who do they think they are to dictate to me, or others, how we can, or cannot review a book that we read?

It has nothing to do with respect. It has everything to do with a sense of self-entitlement and a self-centred view of the universe where that person is god and everyone else must bow down to their wishes and fulfill their desires. The attitude shown by the above tweet shows a breathtaking lack of thought and intellectual fortitude.

All Because King Georgey Porgy tried to tell George Washington how to write his book review!


I am so pissed off right now that I can’t even think.


Every single part of the above sentence is incorrect, IF you know your anime. And if that tweeter knew what free speech actually was and what it cost, they’d commit seppuku in shame AND they’d convince their parents to commit seppuku for raising such a dumb ass.





49 thoughts on “Ranty Ravey McRantyPants!!!!!!!!!!

  1. What a lovely feeling, self-entitlement 😉 And I adore the use of “like” with a coma, to come off as less condescending but achieving exactly the opposite ;). Btw, your rants are always so colorful that I cannot help but imagine you jumping there up and down, tearing out fistfuls of hair! 😀

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    1. “I cannot help but imagine you jumping there up and down, tearing out fistfuls of hair”

      Now THAT would be quite the feat considering I’m of the bald variety 😀

      And this is why I just stay away from facebook, twitter, etc. Most social sites are so chockful of idiots that I can’t throw a stone without hitting at least 10. That just aggravates my blood pressure…

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      1. Maybe THAT’S why you’re of the bald variety 😉 But yeah, the 200 year old book which someone doesn’t want to have spoiled… Meaning no English lessons anymore? 😉

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        1. Yeah, that might have something to do with being bald 🙂

          And considering the whole “like,” style of grammar, I’m guessing this tweeter didn’t pay much attention to their english lessons OR their history lessons. I weep for humanity 😦

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            1. This had: Yugioh-picture
              Ash Ketchum – Pokemon
              Super Sayan/Namek – Dragon Ball
              Spirit Detective – Yu Yu Hakusho
              Hollows – Bleach
              Digital World – Digimon
              Fire Nation – Naruto

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              1. Naruto had a Fire Nation!? I thought only Avatar, The Last Airbender had one of those.

                Yeah, Dragon ball Z, Pokemon, and Yugioh were never my thing. Same for Digimon. I don’t know Yu Yu Hakusho to or Bleach. What about Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Have you seen that?

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                1. Ohh, good catch! You are right! It is Avatar.

                  I watched the original FMA and when FMA: Brotherhood seemed like nothing but a very slight alternate version, I never bothered finishing it up.

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                    1. If you like Shonen, Yu Yu Hakusho is a really good one. Long one though.

                      I enjoyed RahXephon a lot. I compare it, favorably, to Neon Genesis Evangelion. Where Eva is all dark and whiny, Xephon is much more hopeful and better.

                      SuperGals I also really enjoyed. It’s more of a slice of life, teen girl drama. And yet it still entertained me alot.

                      Give me a genre or two that you like and I can drill down better…

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                    2. Hmm, a genre that I like…

                      Animal mecha, like Zoids, might qualify; I never understood the hype about the Gundam series. They seemed like Transformers knock-offs – although I guess Pacific Rim is ripping off of Gundam now, to some degree.

                      The other genre would probably be fantasy/sci-fi – as clean as possible, since Japanese censor laws are different from those in the U.S. I can handle a certain amount of gore and death, but I don’t think stuff like ” Death Note” or Kill Bill is up my alley.

                      RahXephon and SuperGals are new to me. I think I’ve heard of Shonen, but I can’t remember what that one was about. Have you ever watched the Voltron series?

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                    3. The only gundam I really liked was the” 08th MS Team”. Good to know negative examples like death note.

                      Shonen is more of a genre, not a title. It tends to be action oriented, lots of fighting, etc. Dragon Ball Z is classic shounen. Shojo is the more feeling, drama style stuff.

                      So, here’s 3 other titles to check out:

                      Shingu (semi-mecha. I really enjoyed it)

                      Witch Hunter Robin (special trained forces fight magic users, generically called witches)

                      School rumble (slice of life classroom comedy)

                      I own lots more, but am hesitant to recommend any more until I know some more that you liked or didn’t like 🙂

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                    4. Thanks! I’ll check these and couple of the others you recommended out and get back to you about them. Though if you see a growing review or three on my blog, you’ll know I enjoyed one or more of ’em. 😉

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                    5. 😀 Just be aware that most of the ones I mentioned are a not new. So production values aren’t today’s standard.
                      But you know what? I actually like a hand drawn anime over the cgi style.

                      Oh, if you want girl power, try Bubblegum crisis 2014 (not the original. lots of fanservice in the original. Toned down a lot for 2040). That’s straight up near future science fiction.

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                    6. That’s okay – CGI is good for some things, but I also prefer hand drawn anime to the newer styles in most cases. Zoids: Chaotic Century was done in the ’80s, and so even though the zoids themselves were CGI’d later, the rest of the cartoon is hand drawn.

                      Thanks again!

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  2. Ha! I don’t know about “like, ever” (oh that’s just SO rich). People seem to love their hyperbole these days. But hey, all I ask is the courtesy of a spoiler warning or tag and as far as I’m concerned anyone can put whatever the hell they like in any of their reviews (yes, even a dreaded wall of gifs…) 😛

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    1. Ha. You KNOW my reviews are totally spoilers. But in all fairness, I do make a point of saying I do spoilers bigtime in my About post. And if it doesn’t work for people, they can always not follow here on WP.

      I hate gifs, a lot! I won’t follow people who use gifs in their reviews. But they have that right to use them, even if they’re wrong 😉


      1. Yeah, I know from your about page that you do spoilers. We rarely have overlaps in our TBRs though, so I deem it safe enough to read most of your reviews 😉

        And I hear you about gifs. People are free to fill their reviews with them, but I’m also free not read them 😉 Feels like things have gotten a lot better though. On Goodreads it used to be I couldn’t read any of the reviews on the first page for most popular YA releases because it would be a gif storm.

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        1. Yeah, most of what I read isn’t on a lot of people’s radar, so I figure I’m doing everyone a public service by spoiling things so they don’t have to take the time to actually read the book 😀 I’m just so thoughtful that way.

          I know at one point there was a big push by certain people on GR to have gifs banned. Even though I agreed with the sentiment, I was most philosophically opposed. And since I got kicked off of GR at the end of 17 (for the 3rd time now I think?) for just putting links, I’ve decided I just don’t care about what happens there anymore. Let Rome burn. I’ll fiddle away over here on wordpress 😀

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            1. Yeah, in ’12 I think? A lot of threads in the feedback forum (I forget what it is called now, one of the official groups) were people saying how GR needed to do X, Y and Z or they were leaving, etc, etc. Total drama llama…


  3. I guess that much depends on the kind of spoiler, but with a book written 200 years ago I wonder where the spoiler would be. Even, for example, with a book written some 60 years ago, I can imagine it would take a hermit not to know that a certain furry-footed small guy did not manage to throw the ring into the volcano… 😀

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    1. Sorry, but no one gets to tell me how to write my review. Now, I completely understand if they don’t want to follow me because I spoil the heck out of everything, but the responsibility is on them, not me if they are worried about spoilers. And that is what this tweeter was changing. shifting the responsibility for their preferences onto other people. Can’t stand those who shirk responsibility and blame others :-/

      Dang, now you’ve ruined LotR for me! Thanks a lot 😉

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  4. Really!! why can’t everyone just review how ever they see fit. What a little shit. I’m pretty sure you can’t spoil the classics, because I am sorry but everyone has an idea on what happens, unless you live under a rock that is. I read Frankenstein, knew what it was about…still enjoyed it. Ugh I find those types of people so obnoxious.

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    1. I don’t know the age limit on twitter, but I’m guessing it is at least 13, like facebook. And this is soemthing I’d expect from someone who is 15 or younger. But anyone older has learned, well maybe not(!!!!), to not make everyone else responsible for their personal choices.

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  5. Yes, that’s Twitter for you 😀 I have to admit, I went to the dark side and got a twitter account last week.. See how that goes. I am already annoyed so maybe I just close it again haha

    I agree though.. Who do you think you are telling people how to write their reviews and what information to give or keep. Just don’t read if you don’t like. Easy. For everyone.

    If I don’t want to read spoilers, I don’t read the review. No big deal.

    Special snowflakes nowadays…. Driving me mad!

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    1. I was actually thinking of getting a twitter account, and this is what I ran into. So no thank you. Keep us updated on how it goes for you though.

      Special snowflakes indeed. And as GRRM would say, “Winter is Coming”. Now that is a sad thought…

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  6. Doubt they even know what they statements entail too hahah May everyone do as they wish and that includes those who are to read what others do! To read or not to read should be the real question!

    By the way, I’m curious about your position of GIF-filled reviews. Can I ask why you hate them? 😀 Or maybe you got post somewhere that answers it? 😀

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    1. I don’t have a post on GIFs. But here’s the short answer:
      1) They are wicked distracting
      2) Adults use their words
      3) I’ll take 1000 words over one pop culture seizure inducing frenetic YA trope laden picture any time.

      That’s the short version 😀

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