Defiance (The Spiral Wars #4) ★★★☆½

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Title: Defiance
Series: The Spiral Wars #4
Author: Joel Shepherd
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 475
Format: Digital Edition



Lisbeth Debogande is being held hostage by one Faction of the Parran. This Faction wants to force her brother Erik, star captain gone rogue with a drysine queen on his advance ship, to support them in their bid to become the primary Faction of all Parrans. Lisbeth makes the best of a bad situation and begins learning about the Parran and ends up as the liason between them and the humans on Eric’s ship.

Erik, meanwhile is dealing with a Drysine queen that has a datacore that it wants decoded. And that will lie to get what it wants. A secret moon base (thankfully no ewoks are included!) at the bottom of a gravity well is the only place where Styx, the queen, can decode the datacore they stole in the previous book. It is called Defiance, hence the name of this book.

At the same time the threat of the Deepynines (another machine intelligent race) increases as the Deepynine/Alo/Sard alliance is revealed in attacks on Parran ships and stations, wiping out all lifeforms.

Erik and Crew, along with various Parran military powers, lead the Deepynines to the moon to prevent further genocide of other planet bound Parrens. This gravity well gives the humans and parrans a chance to destroy the deepynines while Styx awakens the moon and its defenses. Huge battle, deepynines defeated, massive death toll among the humans and parrans, lots of secrets revealed which show that most of galactic history is a lie. The Drysines were allied with a LOT of biological races, against most of the other Machine races.

Styx, in the process of decoding the datacore, finds out where the Deepynines might have come from and its square in the middle of unknown territory held by biologicals so scary that they make the race that destroyed the Earth look like puppydogs.


My Thoughts:

Unfortunately, almost the exact same issues that I had with Kantovan Vault appear in this book as well. I read that back in August and 7 months later, it would have been REALLY nice to have a character list so when I needed a refresher on who was who I could have it at my finger tips. It isn’t needed for every single character to ever appear, but a list of all the major players, that would just be nice, especially since the ending of this book shows that this is turning into a possibly Never Ending Series kind of series.

My second issue is the author’s fascination with detail. I DON’T need pages of how the Parran political process works and all the cultural ramifications and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It wasn’t badly written mind you, but my goodness, between that and all the descriptive padding, a good editor could have cut out 75 pages. These books need to get a bit leaner. Shepherd is bulking them up unnecessarily and the fast pace bogs right down to almost zero at times.

The things that I did like from the first book are still in place. When Shepherd does his action scenes, whether in space or on the ground, man, it grabs me by the throat and just chokes the living daylights out of me. The last 40% of this book was like that. It was just too bad it took that long to get there. Hence my complaining about the bloat.

I like the characters. Lisbeth is growing up, Erik is coming into his own, even if his ship is destroyed from under him by the end of the book. Other characters are growing or moving away. Trace Thakur took a major departure from the line I was expecting. She and Erik suddenly went all brother/sister feeling instead of the romance that I “thought” was developing. Skah, the little fuzzy alien teddybear child, is getting suckered in by Styx and I’m wondering how Shepherd is going to use that plot line. It better not end in Skah’s subversion to machine or something. Styx shows herself for the lying, genocidal machine bug she really is. Eveyrone is going on about how bad the deepynines are and how they NEED Styx even while acknowleding that Styx is actually a worse threat; she’s just contained. We’ll see how the revelations about the Drysine and biologicals change my outlook, but I’d still put a bullet through her braincase. Machine intelligences are bad, period.

I enjoyed this the same as Kantovan Vault but with the same faults, I can’t give it the same rating. Shepherd didn’t learn anything, so this book is getting knocked down half a star. I just hope the next book improves.





11 thoughts on “Defiance (The Spiral Wars #4) ★★★☆½

  1. oh dear a “never ending series” kind of series is always a bit off-putting tbh. And I really don’t like over-descriptive details like that, so I sympathise. yeah, I really hope the next book improves for you! Good that you liked the characters though.

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  2. I hate when authors feel the need to bulk up their writing. Or when they keep several plot arcs incomplete so that MORE books can be written!!! Completely off topic but I was looking through Amazon for a good deal on the Dragonlance Chronicles when I found that there was an ENDLESS amount of books set in that universe. I’m the sort of person who has to read every single one of those books so for my own sake, I chose to not invest in that series. So, yeah, totally understand where you’re coming from.

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    1. The thing with “series” like Dragonlance, or Forgotten Realms, is that they are a franchise more than an actual series.

      The never ending series I’m thinking of is more like David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” series or Taylor Anderson’s “Destroyermen” series.

      And I don’t blame you for not starting Dragonlance 😀

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    1. Especially when the books are released 1-2 years apart. For some of us, that’s 300 books later! Like I’m going to remember one specific book’s details after 300 others? Ha, I don’t think so 😀

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  3. Yeah, I’m with you on this one. It really needed to pick up the pace. A lot of people walking around talking about things that were of no consequence.

    But, darn it, the first two books got me so wrapped up in this universe, that I’m sure I’ll grab the next book when it comes out. I don’t care if the series goes on forever, but if it doesn’t hit the gym to cut out the bloat, I may have to drop it.

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    1. I concur. The first 2 were just plain awesome. But if the next book is just like this one, in terms of size and pointless filler, then I’ll have to drop it too. So far, this is the only series of Shepherd’s that I’ve had some success with and I am hoping it goes back to being awesome.

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