Thor: Ragnarok (Movie)

thorragnorakThe only reason I watched this movie was to see Thor and Hulk either fight against each other or with each other. That is it. I found both previous Thor movies to be unenjoyable borefests.

Part of that is that I never enjoyed Thor as a comic book character, so translating him to the big screen doesn’t make me feel all squirmy and wriggly inside.  The other reason is that I don’t like Natalie Portman, and it really isn’t even her fault. When The Phantom Menace came out in 1999, I had been waiting for a new Star Wars movie since I could remember and I got The Phantom Menace. I wasn’t immediately devastated, but the scarring process had begun and Amidala was the face of the The Phantom Menace as far as I was concerned. It also didn’t help that her character in the previous Thor movies I recollect as the girly girly slap slap variety. So it helped that she wasn’t in this one and the Hulk was. Hulk good, Jane bad!


Ok, I wrote the previous before watching the movie. I just finished. Holy smokes, I had SO MUCH FUN watching this movie.

I found the humor right down my alley. Physical humor interspersed with lowbrow banter. There were several times that I just laughed out loud. Not a slight chuckle, mind you, but a full laugh that lasted for at least 5seconds.  There was nothing serious about this movie and I’m glad they didn’t try to simply put in spots of humor while making it a grim movie. This was pure comic book and I loved it.

The fighting exceeded my expectations as well. The fight between Thor and Hulk in the arena was great. Wreaking half the arena showed just how powerful both of them were. The big fight scene at the end where Thor goes full on Thunder God was pure awesomesauce. I’m just kind of sad that it took until the end of the 3rd movie to get to that point. But I’m satisfied now that we got there.

I liked the characters as well. Jeff Goldblum was as weird as ever, Hemsworth and Hiddle WERE Thor and Loki and Cate Blanchett as Hela? Yeah, now there’s an evil elf queen for you! Miss Valkyrie lady seemed like the token tough girl but she was head and shoulders above “Jane” in terms of enjoyment. Finally, Hulk. I didn’t like that he talked so much. I know in the comic books he goes through various levels of toughness and braininess, but in this movie, there was no explanation for how he turned into a veritable fount of verbosity. But him fighting things made up for it.

To end, I enjoyed this so much that I’m going to be watching the previous 2 Thor movies again to see if my initial feelings were off or what. This movie didn’t make me a fan of the whole franchise, but it sure made me want to watch any future Thor movies (who knows how many more Thor movies there will be, if any though).


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47 thoughts on “Thor: Ragnarok (Movie)

    1. Don’t care for superhero films eh? Man, this is the wrong time to be alive for you then 🙂

      I would have to watch this again, but I’d seriously consider buying it. I think I enjoyed it as much as I did Antman and that movie I really enjoyed, mostly because I wasn’t expecting too 🙂

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      1. I generally hate them now. So yes it is a very bad time to be alive especially when going to the movies 😛

        I didn’t start out like that. It just felt that after a while they were all way too similar.

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          1. Yeah. I used to get excited by Batman and Spiderman movies when I was a kid. But now Marvel and DC are just pumping the movies out. It’s all starting to feel the same. Just swap the color of the underwear and the cape and repeat.

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    1. I haven’t watched 1 yet, so I suspect it will be quite a long time before I ever do.

      If Amazon made their digital rentals as cheap as Redbox made their bluray rentals ($2), then I’d definitely be watching a lot more on impulse. Being a Prime member, I’m already watching watching stuff on prime. But $6 for a rental? Nope!

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  1. Glad to see how much you enjoyed this. It’s definitely a nice fun movie, purely comedy. Hulk however turning into such a comedian with so many words and an even clearer conscious was too weird for me, but still fun!

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    1. I agree about Hulk. There should have been a good explanation and there wasn’t. Even something as hokey as “cosmic radiation from X made me think clearly while Hulked out”. I do think that is the films weakest point.

      Thankfully, I was able to laugh right by it and keep on watching 🙂

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  2. The first two Thor movies were pure crap. I’ve read a few Marvel comic books and I’ve never liked Thor mostly because I love Norse mythology and Marvel kind of ruined that. But then I watched this movie and gosh, it blew my mind. My favourite character was Korg. He was hilarious!

    Have you watched the latest Avengers film?

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    1. Korg was great! I loved his Revolution of pamphlet handing out 😀

      I am going to wait until Infinity War part II is released and watch them together. That will give me time to catch up on all the other movies I’m behind on, like Black Panther, GG2, etc.

      Thankfully, I am pretty patient when it comes to movies, so I’m almost never in a rush to watch one.

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    1. I think that is part of why I so disliked the previous Thor movies. They had funny parts, or moments, but it was artificially injected into a much more somber film. This one though, was fun and light the whole way through.

      I wouldn’t want a steady diet of that, but it really worked for this one!

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      1. Humor is a very elusive creature, very difficult to tame… 🙂
        Yet, when a writers knows how to handle it, the results are always good: I even had the definite impression that the actors were having fun while they were impersonating their characters, which always adds to the success of a performance, IMHO…

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        1. Yeah, one man’s humor is another man’s steaming pile of garbage.

          And all the actors certainly seemed to be in the spirit of things. I didn’t sense any “woodenness” from anyone…

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  3. Thor: Ragnarok probably has more in common with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies than with the first two Thor movies. I’m pretty happy with the MCU moving towards crazy science fantasy.

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    1. You know, now that you mention GG, I can absolutely see that. And I enjoyed GG as well 🙂

      I was thinking, as I was watching, what a blend of tech and magic. A god of thunder in a spaceship. How cool is that!?

      Have you seen GG2?

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  4. Well, if you haven’t watched Infinity War yet and you don’t care being the only one who hasn’t seen it, I highly recommend you wait and see it next year just before Avengers 4 comes out…the cliff hanger in Infinity War is just too painful. I wish I would have waited to see it!

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    1. I’ll definitely be waiting until I can watch both parts together. I’ve got enough other mcu movies to catch up on, so it won’t be a problem for me to wait a year or more 🙂

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  5. Really glad you enjoyed this. I’m a long time Thor fan -from the comics to the movies. Have to say – even as much as I’ve always liked him – 2nd only to Cap – you
    probably won’t like the first 2 nearly as much. I enjoyed all 3 Thor movies but the first two were average. Marvel did everything right with #3. Cheers

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  6. I was surprised that I enjoyed this too when I watched it. I didn’t like the other Thor movies much, except for the first one but that’s because of that one scene when Hemsworth shirt was off and we got time to just stare at his abs.
    I love the fight between Thor and the Hulk too. It was my favorite. And I loved that we got to see a “human” side to the Hulk “monster.” That we get to hear what he thinks and feels.

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  7. I still need to see this one. We own it, but since I’ve also heard it’s a lot of fun, I’d like to see it as a family, and it’s just too hard to get everyone sitting down at the same time to watch a movie these days. Soon though! I’m suffering from a serious case of superhero movie fatigue at the moment, but I like the idea of this one being pure humor.

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  8. I definitely had fun with this too! It didn’t totally blow me away, cos there were moments of incongruity that my brain just couldn’t accept (I mean, it is supposed to be Ragnarok) but overall, I enjoyed it. Great review!

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  9. Egads! All you folks like the humor in this travesty of a movie?! The unmitigated gall!

    I do enjoy the moments of levity Marvel injects into their movies, but this one just slopped on the LOLs until I wanted to fire napalm at something.

    Plus, it’s, ya know, RAGNAROK, an epic event in the comics. Nothing to chuckle at here. Consider if they made a mainstream Star Wars movie where everyone cracked a one-liner every 2.3 seconds. It just wouldn’t feel right.

    Now I’m riled up. I think I will try to obtain some napalm….

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    1. I’m sitting here on my couch, clapping my hands and laughing so hard at your comment.

      I wouldn’t have liked this if they’d done the injections of humor like in other mcu movies. This was a comedy that simply worked for me.

      That being said, if you need to know a guy who knows a guy who might know a guy who can get some napalm, I “might” be able to hook you up. For a friendly donation in recognition of how great this movie is, hahahahahahaa.

      As for Star Wars. Well, the less said about the travesty that franchise has become on this blog, the better. I don’t even bother watching the movies, reading the books or watching the tv shows anymore.

      Maybe we should do guest posts for each other. I’ll complain about Star Wars and you can sound off about Thor: Ragnarok and wahtever other mcu movie of your choice 😀


      1. Thanks, but I already have a napalm hookup. Ex-Green Beret, spends 90% of his time drunk and rambling about the Mekong Delta – but dependable when destructive weaponry needs to be obtained.

        Re: Star Wars. I agree that they’ve shamelessly rehashed everything that was cool about the franchise. Oooh, look, it’s a new Death Star, except it’s 100x bigger than the old one!

        Having Rey come out on top in a duel with Kylo Ren, despite never having held a lightsaber, was one of the most absurd cinema moments I’ve ever seen. It was one of those Girl Power moments designed so hardcore SJWs can write their “Rey is the Strong Female Heroine We Need” articles.

        Anywho, the saltiness is again rising to unseemly levels, so I’ll depart – for now. 🙂

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  10. I prefer this Thor movie to the others because they let Thor be funny. He always seems to be the straight man in the other movies, but he’s really got good comedic timing when he’s allowed to use it. Love it.

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  11. I loved how the Hulk was in this movie. He’s always been able to speak (but outside of the Incredible Hulk and the first Avengers, they haven’t leaned into that), but has been more of a temper-tantrum throwing toddler – just yelling and smashing. In Ragnarock, that toddler is like 4 or 5. He reminded me so much of a little kid when he doesn’t get his way, I loved it. Part of me also wanted a dark ragnarok story – but I don’t think the film team behind Thor could have pulled it off (they didn’t do a great job with the last two serious Thor films), so I’ll happily take this version.

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    1. Yeah, if the previous 2 thor films had been good epic serious films, this would have been a real jarring experience.
      But since they were barely watchable in my experience, this movie was a good capstone to springboard forward…


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