PSA: Blogging Mano A Mano Style



Sometimes blogging as a man, I wish there was a core set of Man Blogs (Dibs! I’m trademarking that! ) that I could subscribe to. No offense to ANY of you ladies who I follow or who follow me. But just what is the ratio of Male to Female when it comes to blogging for fun? I don’t care to clutter up this post with cold hard facts, so I’m going with a ratio of Less to More.

Bossy guy pointing at you.
Actually, 1 to 4 does sound about right


The problem I have found with following more men is that it can, and for me usually does,  end up like this:

Man 1: “Swiss Cheese is the best!”  Man 2: “I’ll KILL you!”


Strong opinions get thrown around willy-nilly and before you know it one of the two is getting their butt kicked. Like this poor guy:

Bookstooge-senpai schools Punk-san in proper fighting etiquette


Butt-kicking gets really tiring after a while.  I don’t want to hang out with jocks, mind you. I want articulate, reasoned thinking men. But those very same qualities can turn around and bite you in the butt.

I guess this is one of those situations where I want to be Alpha Man and every other man to be Beta Man, maybe Beta-Plus occasionally. But another Alpha?  Ha, kill that sucker!

Backoff buddy, this whole thing is MINE!


This is where what I want simply isn’t possible.  One thing I have learned is to really rein in my opinions when commenting on others’ blogs.  I have also learned that when I get a desire to be part of a pack, I just need to wait a day or two and then I’m back to my desire for solitude.  This is more of a vent than anything else.

So to you guys who I do follow and haven’t fought with, I’d like to thank you. For being patient with me, for letting me air my strong opinions on your blogs without biting my head off.  I don’t take it for granted, really.

And to end on slightly more humorous note…

I used a gif, so shoot me. Oh wait, my dinosaur already shot you!



bookstooge (Custom)

67 thoughts on “PSA: Blogging Mano A Mano Style

  1. It does seem like there are a lot more women than men on the (mostly book-related) social media sites I’ve participated in. Back in ’86 when I first “signed online” at the tender age of 10, it was the exact opposite.

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    1. I’ve always assumed the ratio was because most men were just not into articulating their thoughts on books. Or introspective enough either.

      The majority of the men I know would rather go to a sporting event, or watch tv or almost anything else, than sit and read for an hr. I’m not sure of all the reasons behind those choices though.

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  2. This is great. I love the GIFs. I’ve noticed that there are mostly female bloggers. I wonder why that is? I mean I get what you’re saying about the arguments between two guys. But at the same time, why don’t more guys blog?
    It’s not even a particularly girly thing.


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  3. I think I follow about 50/50. Here are five of my very favourites. I would have included bottomless coffee but
    1. I think you’re already following
    2. I’m guessing that’s a male blog but I don’t know for sure.
    These would all be in my ‘read every post they write category’ as well.

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  4. Interesting post. I never thought of it that way. The gender roles assigned to men by society exist to this day and it takes a brave man to go against them. Equality is supposed to work both ways but it doesn’t always happen like that. Feminism is dealing with, and changing, patriarchal gender stereotyping of women but I think there remains work to be done on the perceptions of both men and women about male stereotyping.

    Thx again for an enlightened post Bookstooge.

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    1. Thing is, I don’t have a problem with gender stereotyping at all. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

      I also think that most men don’t blog not because they’re afraid their friends or circle of acquaintances will laugh at them but because they really don’t care about writing down all those words. It does nothing for them. Just like the thought of going to a baseball game by myself does nothing for me 🙂

      But not only am I completely comfortable in my maleness, but I’ll chop off the head of anyone who states otherwise.

      So if we EVER meet and I’m wearing one of those little french hats and wearing skinny jeans, I give you pro-active permission to kill me.


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      1. I’ve got a pair of skinny jeans…I only wear them on “special occasions”… 2 weeks ago I went to an Ozzy concert in Lisbon. That was a special occasion…lol

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        1. And yes. Not a single guy from my inner circle writes reviews of stuff…Not even in Portuguese…the question they ask me: “what ever for????”

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    1. I don’t have the stats to back this up, but from my memory, I also tend to “unfollow” blogs run by men by an almost 2-1 ratio. I’m much more likely to think “screw you buddy!” and leave.

      The dynamics are just so interesting. Part of why it is so interesting to me is because of how little I interact with lots of people in real life.


  5. So you want to cultivate man blogs, about any topic? Or just blog more about being a man? 😛 I agree on how you broke it down, but you forgot the PUA 😛

    Also, TIL I learned that the oldest WordPress theme still in use (this one) also changes colour.

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    1. Cultivate a collection of blogs on various subjects by men. Even if I end up getting all “alpha territorial” and stop following them 😀

      What is “pua” and what is “til”?

      Would you believe it took me 6 months to realize this theme changes as you scroll down? I felt really dumb 😀


      1. TIL: Today I learned
        PUA: pick-up artist

        Don’t feel dumb. I used it too, years ago, and never knew that. You win because it takes a ton of comments to learn that 😛

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        1. Ahh, pickup artists. See, those aren’t men. Those are boys in the bodies of grownups. They are the antithetical of true manliness. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say they rank lower in my estimation than males who ride scooters instead of motorcycles. And trust me, that is pretty loooooow.

          Thanks for the acronym explanation. I shall remember it for at least a whole day 😀


  6. The few and mighty…

    Men probably make up about 10% of the blogs I read. I feel like recently I’ve been finding a lot more, though, so maybe it’s picking up. Or I just finally found the pack.

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  7. Piggybacking on some earlier comments, it seems like the book blogging pool has mostly been women under 30 (in my own following journeys), but that’s because it was hard to find anything other than YA focus…until the last year or so a lot of male bloggers have come across my radar. I was actually surprised that my Goodreads group is pretty equally split men and women. It would seem they’re talking, they’re just not blogging yet lol.

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    1. That is good news.

      I’m wondering how millennials and post-millennials will deal with online platforms once they get over Facebook and such social media sites. If they never do, that is what worries me.

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      1. Good thought. I for one am completely sick of social media (Goodreads doesn’t count in my brain) and wouldn’t be terribly upset if Facebook went away. However, I’m not a millennial lol.

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  8. HAHAA 😂😂👏👏 I love everything about this post ! As your honesty and transparency I always appreciate it since we can both voice our opinions on different matter 😏

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    1. Yep, we both seem to have very strong opinions and regularly air them on our respective blogs.

      I really like when you do it on your blog, even if I’m completely against whatever it is you’re talking about, because you reach such a number of younger people (than me) and so many need to see how to show strong opinion without going into jackass territory. The number of comments on your posts and how many seem to be of the “Oh, I never thought of that” I find highly encouraging. Thinking, nothing beats it 😀

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      1. Hahah you’re right !! Reaching to a younger audience is different . However, in the end I just want to spark discussion and make them think a little bi… out of their comfort zone. Something we both do very well :’)

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    1. While there are a lot of male major authors, in general most men just don’t seem to need to write. I suspect it comes down to only having that need to say X number of words each day. since I don’t talk much at my job, those words need an outlet and thank goodness for blogs. I used to fill up 2-3 journals a year back in the day 😀


    1. Yeah, it counts. You have no idea how often I want to punch Pio in the nose 😉 hahahahaa, just kidding.

      And as for thinking you were male, I’m definitely placing the blame ALL on you for that 😀 I mean, grumpy old man avatar, a name that ended in a “g” (by the way, good job changing that to Ola G, now I won’t be confused), I’d say if anything, I should sue for emotional damages when I found out the truth.

      And I think that is enough silliness from me now 🙂

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      1. Ha! Mighty Bookstooge emotionally damaged – I should be proud of it! 😛

        I thought separating that G would be helpful as themes on some blogs don’t recognize big/small letters.

        Honestly, creating gender confusion was never my intention – up till your memorable comment I never even considered gender an important feature in online blogging 😉

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        1. Ha, you should get an AWARD for that. I’d give it to you myself.

          Yeah, I don’t know if it was Chrome (browser) or the wordpress, but it never came across to me as OlaG, always Olag. So I always thought of you as Olag Gustaffsen, a big burly guy with a lumber jack axe 😉

          A lot of people will claim that gender isn’t important to them. I can’t comment on them. But for me, it is very important. While I believe that men and women are Equal, I do not believe that they are the same or should be treated like interchangeable parts. So I guess I’d have to let you decide. Have I treated you somehow less than Pio once I found out? I don’t think that I have, but I know that I have treated you differently, even if you never notice it, ie, the lack of particular jokes 😀

          Aaaaand that was probably WAY more than you were wanting to ever know. Ha, too bad. You hurt my feelings, you get blabbed at!

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          1. I love the mental image of Olag the lumberjack axe wielder 😀 YOU DON’T AGREE WITH MY REVIEW?! TASTE THE AXE! HAHAHAHA!

            I noticed you’re more considerate in your comments, which I do appreciate even if it comes at the cost of spontaneity 🙂

            However, I know that in addition to my gravatar my tastes and reading choices can be misleading too, so I’m cool with being called ‘sir’ (sausage jokes are a completely different matter though!) 😉

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  9. I used to think I was the only dude out here. It was good to know I wasn’t alone after all, even if there’s maybe 100 women for every dude. But man, I do appreciate the way you share your opinion and how fair they are. Stay true to yourself, my man.

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    1. It certainly feels like 100 to 1 some times doesn’t it? It is probably why I over-emphasize the whole “man” thing at random. Chucking myself under the chin and all that 😀

      And it is nice to see your avatar be a pix of you. I’ve got my reasons why I don’t post my name or pix, but it is nice when others can. It also really helps me remember you are a man too. That visual cue, you know? I’ve had too many times online when I want to say something but can’t tell if the poster was a man or not because their name is “Generic Book Reviewer 1234” with a picture of books. I really don’t want to make the mistake of calling a woman a man or vice versa.


  10. I follow almost exclusively book blogs nowadays, and majority of them are written by women. It could be just a genre thing? I have come across dude blogs, but they were centering around techy stuff, car stuff and other “manly” things i have no interest in 😀

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    1. I “try” to just follow book blogs, but I have a few that don’t focus so much on them. My issue is that most bloggers who are pretty active also review genres that I’m simply not interested in and so I don’t bother following them.

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