Bookstooge in 100 Books

(I got the idea for a 100 Book List from The Book Jotter. If you read her post, you’ll see that I’ve changed things a tiny bit)

The following list of books are ones that have affected me through the years. Good and bad. While my About page is a good look at me as a man, this is a good look at me as a reader. These aren’t organized in any particular order nor is this list in any way a comprehensive list of all the books I’ve read. If you see a majority of books that I hate and you love, or that you hate and I loved, think long and hard about following me.

Books I have Hated: 50

Toll the Hounds


Earthman Jack vs the Ghost Planet


The Midden

Obsidian Worlds


The Night of the Swarm

Feeling Lucky

Walden & Civil Disobediance

Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Think and Grow Rich

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

The Monk

Sullivan’s Sting

The Last Town

Free Ware

The Dracula Caper

The Boy and the Peddler of Death

Cadman’s Gambit/Sword of the Archon

Curse of the Wendigo


We are Legion (We are Bob)

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

The Store

The Punch Escrow

The Wizard


Beyond Varallan

A Quest of Heroes

Sandworms of Dune

The Daylight War

Superman: Doomed


The Fog

The Singer’s Crown

The Last Day

Wolf Hunting

Curse of the Mistwraith

Demon Deathchase

New Moon

Empire of Ivory

The Omen Machine

Superman: True Brit


The Darkness that Comes Before

Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters

The Way of Kings

Abaddon’s Gate

The Great Gatsby

Books I have Loved: 50

The Bible

What Adventists Believe



Sentenced to Prism

Galactic Odyssey

The Sublimity of Faith

Mere Christianity

Science Fiction Hall of Fame Vol 1

The Phantom Tollbooth

The One Kingdom

Empire in Black and Gold

Gardens of the Moon


The Many Faces of Evil

Nicholas Nickleby

Ready, Set, Hut (Eyeshield 21 #37)

Song for the Basilisk

Bridge of Birds

Flowers for Algernon

His Sombre Rivals

The Art of War



Across Five Aprils

Crime and Punishment

Talion: Revenant

Akira 1

The Death of Superman

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

A Memory of Light

Dealing with Dragons


Bridge to Terebithia

Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000

Count of Monte Cristo (abridged)


Alcatraz versus the Evil Librarians

Anne of Green Gables

I, Joker

Furies of Calderon

Sea of Silver Light

Through Wolf’s Eyes

The Eye of the World

The Warded Man

A Wizard of Earthsea

The Hobbit

Revenge of the Sith

Magician: Apprentice & Master

The Dragonbone Chair

45 thoughts on “Bookstooge in 100 Books

    1. It’ll definitely get updated. I figure once I figure out how to make it a static page like my about page, then I can update it every couple of years as I come across new gems or piles of crap. But I don’t think I’ll be reposting it again and again.

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  1. Ooh I like posts like this! I also hated Catch 22. New Moon was so slow to get into the plot and I was so frustrated that Bella took so long to work out Jacob. On the love list I have read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Bridge to Terabithia, and The Hobbit.

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  2. This is a fun idea! I think I’ve only read two of your hated books, Empire of Ivory and Tehanu, both of which I did like. 🙂

    I’ve read a slightly larger number of your loved books — 12 if you count The Count of Monte Cristo which I read unabridged. While I didn’t love all of them, I didn’t hate any and I did love several.

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    1. Hahahaha, well, maybe you should read more of the books I hated 😀

      Count unabridged I only gave 3stars, which is why I put up the link to the abridged review. I also want to read the unabridged again to see if I can handle it better since I’ll be prepared..

      I tried to keep away from indie books that no one has ever heard of but at the same time I realize that there are just so many books that not everyone who visits me is going know them all. Bookish Problems 😀

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  3. I know I read The Fog when I went through my only reading horror book. I think I liked it but I don’t remember. It wasn’t my favorite James Herbert anyway! I was so surprised when I saw the film because I’d expected it to be about THAT book and it wasn’t. I know I liked the older film better than the newer one.
    I’ve never read Inkheart but I watched the film with the kids – honestly I didn’t even know it was a book!
    We’re pretty book compatible though!

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    1. Yeah, when I read Herbert’s the Fog, I was thinking of King’s version and the movie version. It came as quite the surprise to me too.

      I watched the movie for Inkheart too, mainly because I was going through a Brendan Frasier kick and I remember thinking the film was ok. So far, I haven’t met anyone who has read the book who really liked it. Makes me wonder where all these mythical people are who kept it going into a whole trilogy?

      I’ll stay home and read the books and you can travel and listen to the books! Sounds like a system meant for success. We could probably even run for Office and somehow work it into a slogan 😀

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  4. Great list. I only like one book on your hate list and I counted about 9 books on your love list that I also liked (but none that I hated). So apparently we can remain friends.

    Also I’m no curious about Revenge of the Sith’s novelization since it’s one of your 50 favorite books.

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    1. I’m curious, which book did you love that I didn’t? Way of Kings?
      I tried to include books that were outside the norm (ie, everybody else loves/hated them) and that one definitely took top place.

      As for RotS, my review doesn’t do it justice. I had actually written a 2 page long post on it on my old blog, but that blog was deleted in a fit of angst (as happened to most of my old blogs) so it was lost forever. Needless to say, I consider it the best Star Wars book ever written and if the movie had been that good, would consider it the greatest Star Wars of all time.

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      1. Yeah it was Way of Kings; I agree that it took a bit to get going, but all the detail at the beginning of the book started paying dividends in the second book (I’ll be reading the third when it comes out in MMP in October).

        When I review the films (eventually), I’ll be criticizing Lucas for not bringing in another writer to improve dialogue and a few other things (Jar Jar…I mean look at what Ian Doescher did with him and it improved everything) as well as a director to bring the best out of the actors while keeping prequels to Lucas’ “vision”.

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  5. Several surprises here. I had not known you hated The Way of Kings, but I was also pleasantly surprised to see Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians on your loved list. Also, you loved The Warded Man? By any chance did you continue the series, and what did you think?

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    1. It all comes down to the motivations and ideas of the author behind the book. If all the author wants is to destroy something or show the worst of human nature as the best, then forget it.

      Thanks, and glad you qualified that last statement 😀

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  6. It looks like you figured out where the Stardoc series was going long before I did. I liked the first book, and then kept hoping for that same feeling from the rest of the series. I kept going until book 6 though, I think.

    I just finished my (latest) re-read of The Phantom Tollbooth, and I still love it as much as I did originally. Happy to see you liked that one, too. 🙂

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    1. I think it helped that the rape scene in book one turned me off of the author for including it but I was giving her a second chance in book 2. So I wasn’t invested in any way.

      I loved Phantom Tollbooth back in the day and it has held up to my adult self. I’m just glad he didn’t try for a cash grab and write it into the ground!


  7. Great list! I’m a bit surprised to find Anne of Green Gables here, I remember it as a tv-series my sister made me watch ages ago 😉 I just couldn’t appreciate it as a ten-year-old.
    And you reminded me that I need to read Akira, I’ve really enjoyed watching it!

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    1. Anne was one of those books that I thought I might like but wasn’t sure (as I’d watched the hallmark mini-series over the years as my mother owned it) and ended up loving it so much. It was incredible and it moved me 🙂

      If you enjoyed the anime of Akira, the manga should really blow you away. So much more…

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  8. I loved your list! So strange, I had never heard of The Phantom Tollbooth before a couple of weeks ago and now you have mentioned it too – my interest is piqued *scribbling title down*.
    I am happy to announce that I shall continue to follow you. Hurrah! 😀

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