Ghostly Echoes (Jackaby #3) ☆☆☆☆½ DNF@22%

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Title: Ghostly Echoes
Series: Jackaby #3
Author: William Ritter
Rating: 0.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 353/DNF@22%
Format: Digital Edition




My Thoughts:


[Miss Rook] “Miss Lee was really a boy, wasn’t she? Underneath”

He slowed and then came to a stop and looked me square in the eyes, “That’s up to her to decide,”

~page 56


Yep, I’m done with this author now. Ritter’s going to push the SJW line about gender and cross dressing down my throat, forget it. As much as I enjoyed the previous 2 books, no amount of enjoyment is worth listening to lies for.

By the by, cross dressing is a moral deviancy that indicates some real brokenness inside. It isn’t normal and it shouldn’t be treated as such. It’s an indicator and Christian professional help should be sought. Just like you wouldn’t tell a man with a broken leg that he’s ok. Even if you can’t fix it, you can tell him to go to a doctors. But denying that there is anything wrong is the height of foolishness.

Man, this is NOT the way I wanted to start out a new month…



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18 thoughts on “Ghostly Echoes (Jackaby #3) ☆☆☆☆½ DNF@22%

  1. Oh no!!! Sorry to see this book is such a big no for you.
    I am still going to give this a try though, and hope to like it. Seeing as your issue with this is a matter of personal beliefs, I feel I may still enjoy it.
    Oh well, at least you liked the first two books in the series 😁

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    1. I guess what really got me was how it simply came out of no where. There has been no hint of this thinking from the author in the previous 2 books and to suddenly have it appear made no sense.

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    1. Usually authors that are on the SJW train at least give hints right from the get go. This is book 3 for goodness sake and it’s not just a hint but a full on punch in the face followed by a left hook.

      I suspect a Publishers checkmark for “diversity” was needed.

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  2. As a side note, it’s always amusing to me when you put DNF, because you follow it with an @ and a %, which makes me think you’re cussing it out even more 🙂

    Sorry about the rough August. But any month that you reread “Heir of Sea and Fire” is redeemable 🙂 I love that book.

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    1. Ha, I never even looked at it that way. Great, now I’m going to see profanity every time I dnf a book now 😀

      McKillip just gets better and better. I’ve still got several to go through, but I have to admit, I’m already wondering just how good they’ll be in another 10 years 🙂


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