Mustang Man (Sacketts #13)★★★☆½

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Title: Mustang Man
Series: Sacketts #13
Author: Louis L’Amour
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Western
Pages: 176
Format: Digital Edition



Nolan Sackett is on the run. Again. He runs across an abandoned wagon and the woman and man try to ambush him to steal his horse, then when that fails they try to poison him. He gets their horses back for them anyway but then leaves them to their fate.

In the next little settlement he is hired as a guide to a young woman, an older man and a halfbreed. They wish to find a hidden cache of gold that the young woman’s grandfather supposedly hid when attacked by Mexicans way back when. Nolan is to lead them to a particular area then his services will no longer be needed.

However, the previous couple is also after the gold and they hire some pretty bad men. The older man escorting the young lady isn’t so virtuous either. Nolan chooses to protect the young lady and through hardwork, the help of a tough old salt, some fancy machinations, a bit of fast gunplay and plain old luck, ends up with the gold and the girl.

The only “outlaw” Sackett makes good.


My Thoughts:

Man, what do I say about these? Beyond a synopsis and whether I enjoyed it or not, these books aren’t deep enough for much of a review.

I did enjoy this a lot and there was a lot of action and badguys galore and the lone gunman (who wasn’t quite so alone) and the plucky heroine. It made for a fun, fast read.



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