The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories ★★☆☆½

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Title: The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories
Series: ———-
Author: P.D. James
Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 176
Format: Hardcover Edition



A collection of 4 stories about murder. None are connected nor did I care enough to outline each story or even bother to list them.


My Thoughts:

* Spoilers *

Sordid. That is the one word that I felt best described this small book of short stories by P.D. James. One of the stories is told by the murder/rapist and left me feeling disgusted. Another one was told by the Granddaughter of the murderess and it is justified in their eyes. Homosexuality, blackmail and suicide. Filth.

Two of the stories dealt with James’ detective character Adam Dalgliesh (which I still can’t spell without looking it up) and he might as well have been as invisible as a hat on a hat rack. You could have changed the name to John Smith and it wouldn’t have made a lick of difference. He had zero personality and almost no part to play in either one.

From an entertainment standpoint, this was a complete failure. I was not impressed and I suspect I would not have liked James and her disgusting love of all things perverse.

That being said. She can WRITE. I hate it when this happens. Why does someone who writes like she can have to delve into the filthy underbelly of humanity and seem to ENJOY it so much? Upon finishing this I immediately went to the library and got the first Adam Dalgliesh book. I’m giving that 2 books for James to convince me that she doesn’t actually like murderers and rapists. But if I get that sordid vibe again, James will be off my list.



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27 thoughts on “The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories ★★☆☆½

  1. I seriously don’t understand why authors write about rape and all that. It’s bad enough reading it in the news, now they’re bringing it into fiction too!

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  2. Well, I just had to pick up “Cover Her Face” from the library if she can write! I’ve long needed to read P.D. James. I just read a very well written novel-thriller on Friday and am in the mood for more in the mystery, thriller vein.

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    1. Hahahahahaa.
      I’d never even heard of Dalgliesh before this (given, I’m not a big mystery fan) so while he might be famous in a small circle, he’s certainly not on the level of Poirot, as much as that pains me to write…

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  3. I hate to say it but reading PD James always makes me feel like I need a good wash. I read several before I allowed myself to be okay with the distaste I had for them. Her characters are all unlikeable. She sees only the small minded, meanness in people and her books are singularly depressing. I have read far too many. I shall not read another.

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    1. The next book I read of hers is completely in line with your statement “small minded meanness”.
      Glad to know her books are mostly like that, as I won’t keep trying to find her “good ones”…

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  4. I only read the full length novels by P.D. James and i liked those. I must say, i have issues with the detective’s names too. Haha. Kept thinking how to pronounce properly and also “what kinda name is that??” 😀
    I don’t like short stories all that much so i guess i’ll skip this collection.

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      1. No reviews, i read them quite a long time ago (10 years or so). I loved the writing style and the mystery was that old fashioned investigation where they talk a lot 😀
        I also read one of the Cordelia Grey books, which is a bit different since she’s a private investigator, and also a woman, and that was a bad thing to be in the 70’s apparently 😀

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  5. I tend to like her Cordelia Grey books, but she only wrote a couple of those. I don’t like Dalgliesh – I think the only one of his that I liked as “Death in Holy Orders,” and that’s mostly because I loved the setting.

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    1. I just finished up her first Dalgliesh book and what Britchy said pretty much nailed it. And I hate that in the stuff I read.
      I’m thinking that maybe I’ll just not be delving into the mystery genre anymore…


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