Castle in Cassiopeia (Dead Enders #3) ★★☆☆½

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Title: Castle in Cassiopeia
Series: Dead Enders #3
Author: Mike Resnick
Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 289
Format: Digital Edition



The Michtag clone from the first book has decided that he likes being the ruler and using the military knowledge gained from his growing time, begins to crush the Democracy. So the Democracy sends in Nathan Pretorias and the Dead Enders.

Having lost 2 members and gained 1 in the previous book, Nathan still needs one more to complete his team. With the help of the knowledgable Madam, he gets an outlaw with the body of a bear and the mind of a steel trap.

The Dead Enders track down Michtag, kill him and escape. Glory and laughs for everyone.


My Thoughts:

I was a chapter in before I realized I had somehow skipped book 2. By that point I simply didn’t care. Honestly, besides finding out that Character X and Y were dead and the introduction of two other characters, it made zero impact on this book.

Unfortunately, I was correct in my assessment that this trilogy would be a dud for me. The characters make their predictable one liners, act spot on just like the script says and the plot follows. I’m sorry, but you don’t infiltrate the fortress that holds the galaxy’s most notorious war leader and just have everything fall into line.

Bloody A, there was more security and potential problems for the release of the horrible movie Breaking Dawn than Michtag had in his entire fortress. It just felt like a walk in the park and it really, really, really shouldn’t have.

I think I am done with exploring Resnick. If I ever feel the need to read anything of his again, I’ll just stick to the Santiago and Widowmaker books. I know I liked those at least.



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9 thoughts on “Castle in Cassiopeia (Dead Enders #3) ★★☆☆½

    1. With this trilogy, my ratio likeability has dropped to around 30%. That’s just not enough to try him out anymore. I also won’t be seeking out any back catalogue stuff either. For whatever reason, Santiago and Widowmaker were perfect though. Not sure what it was about them that worked that didn’t in his other stuff…

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