Semper Fi (The Empire’s Corps #4) ★★★☆½

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Title: Semper Fi
Series: The Empire’s Corps #4
Author: Christopher Nuttall
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 446
Format: Digital Edition


Commodore Singh has taken advantage of the retreat of the Empire’s forces to carve out her own little empire. Ruling through fear and setting her underlyings against each other, Singh has a sizeable fleet and a highly developed tech world at her disposal. Captain Stalker and the forces of Avalon and the ConFed are growing and they know at some point they will come to Singh’s attention. Unable to beat her through pure force, the ConFed’s must do what they can to destabilize her power base.

Lt. Jasmine is chosen to lead the small force of marines and support staff to infilitrate Singh’s power base and topple her regime. Starting up insurgency groups, infiltrating the intelligence community and trying to implement a plan that will destroy Singh’s power, Jasmine is in way over her head.

Once she gets captured and tortured, things are looking bad. Thankfully, her marines are loyal and rescue her and in that process capture the head of the Intelligence group and pump him for all he is worth. This also allows Jasmine to blackmail the next Intelligence leader and get key people onto the space stations.

The revolution happens, the world is nominally freed and Singh flees with a much smaller group of ships to plan her revenge. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her.

My Thoughts:

First, this was almost ALL groundpounder action. I love Military SF that has that as its primary core. I’m not a huge fan of spaceship battles.

The focus this time was on Lt. Jasmine and her squad instead of on Captain Stalker and the marines as a whole. It worked very well to limit the main characters to less than 10 even while using side and minor characters to flesh out the action. The villains were well done as well. The security guy was a sick and disgusting pedo and abuser and Nuttall did a great job of showing just how filthy he was without going into details or making it graphic for the reader. He walked that line perfectly. Singh wasn’t quite so well done, as I found her descent from sidelined but talented in the Empire to In Charge and ruling through Fear a little difficult.

I think my main issue with this book was Stalker’s attitude. Since he doesn’t have access to the Marine Boot Camp world he is always lamenting how they can’t have any more “Marines”. It seems rather defeatist and not like him at all. I would think that he’d start trying to re-create the marine training program so that even if they can’t have all the implants that the regular marines have, he (Stalker) would have access to highly trained troops in about 2 years instead of just having regular soldiers. I’m hoping another character will come along in a book or two and kick the idea around and make it happen. It NEEDS to happen if he’s to keep his edge.

I didn’t notice, or remember is probably more likely, any egregrious grammar or spelling errors, so that was definitely worth a half-star bump up.

Fun and enjoyable book in a series that is staying the course. I’m satisfied so far.



I am using the new wordpress editor and I must say, it is frustrating as all get out. It appears to be change for mere changes sake and nothing is as easy as before. I’m afraid wordpress is going the way of Facebook and changing things “just because”. I can’t figure out how to make extra spaces between paragraphs to work (I usually have extra spaces between Synopsis and Thoughts and between the ending avatar and the text above and below it) and overall it simply isn’t easy. I can’t even tell if there are more options, since everything is so different. I don’t even NEED more options. I can’t find a good tutorial and google’ing just brings up stuff for wordpress.ORG and all their tutorials. Rrrrrghhhh….


And when I went to schedule this post, it didn’t show me what days I already had stuff scheduled! Now that is totally not good. I can’t keep 2+ weeks ahead if I can’t see what is scheduled when. Sometimes I like to sneak posts in on empty days but now I can’t see what I even have for empty days. Double rrrrghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 thoughts on “Semper Fi (The Empire’s Corps #4) ★★★☆½

  1. Hate the new WordPress editor too. Why “improve” something that already works well? Ugh. I reverted back to the old editor after about five minutes of trying to figure out where everything was.

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    1. I had to revert back too. The one just didn’t work the way I wanted. Plus the whole scheduling thing was a complete deal breaker.

      I frequent the wordpress forum and the amount of people complaining about the new editor is something else. Makes me wonder just what those in charge were thinking?

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  2. The new editor sucks big time! I reverted to the old one when I couldn’t find the features I need. Hope that new editor won’t just fall down on us one day whether we want it or not…

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    1. Thankfully, everything I’ve seen at the wordpress forums is that we will still be able to use the classic editor once the new one fully rolls out.

      If something works, why mess with it? I just don’t understand why some people are always wanting change :-/

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  3. Good that the villains were well done without egregious details. Glad it was fun and enjoyable!
    More importantly, I’m really sad to hear all that about the new editor. I’m genuinely scared to use it cos I like the old one and it works just fine for me. And that thing about not being able to see what days there’s something scheduled on- why do that?! Ugh definitely sounds like it’s doing the *let’s make changes* facebook thing :/

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    1. From what I got from people on the wordpress forums is that the classic editor is sticking around, it’ll just have to be “chosen” instead of the default. I can deal with that, thankfully…

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  4. I really tried to use the new editor. I went back and forth several times and every time I ended up with the same conclusion…that it is absolutely abysmal.

    I mean, seriously. It’s a mess and doesn’t provide anything worthwhile at all. I also managed to lose stuff several times. Filled in the excerpt, clicked publish and … no excerpt. What he f…?

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  5. Do you always bump up books for not having any spelling/grammar mistakes? Or is that a thing just for ebooks, or certain ebooks in particular? 😮

    The new editor is a monster… I turned back to the classic one and hope that they won’t ever remove it… It made everything super complicated for no good reason. Should’ve come with a better tutorial or something… Or not come at all!

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    1. When it comes to indies, yes, I have lowered my standards so much that competent handling of the english language is something I have to take into account 😦 Pretty sad, isn’t it?

      So far, I’ve not come across anyone who does like the new editor. I hope they quietly pull the plug on it and let it die…

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