[Manga Monday] The Shamanic Oracle (Shaman King #17) ★★★☆☆

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Title: The Shamanic Oracle
Series: Shaman King #17
Author: Hiroyuki Takei
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 200
Format: Digital Copy



The Asakura’s and the Tao’s have a meeting to discuss what is happening with the rise of Hao. Yoh’s parents prepare to give the Tao’s their super secret sauce, errrr, special magic moves so that Ren can be powerful enough to fight alongside Yoh as an equal. Mr Tao is an ass and challenges Mr Asakura to prove himself. Mr A says “bring it” and the fight begins.

Yoh admits to his friends that Hao is so powerful that it is impossible for any shaman to overcome him. Yoh is not daunted and won’t let his friends despair. Ren is out walking with his team when Mr A attacks them. Ren is his typical arrogant self and Mr A has to teach him some manners. They end up having a barbeque together. Yoh sure didn’t fall far from the proverbial tree. Mr A reveals that everything is up to the kids because the adults have reached their limits and only the kids can still “grow”.

Hao lets his followers know that he intends a great cleansing once he becomes Shaman King, a global cleansing.

Two Patch officiants show up with a defeated Shaman, who is now Hao’s minion and while not directly attacking Mr A (who it turns out is a member in the Shaman fight), sic the defeated shaman on him to delay him so he can’t participate in his fight, thus automatically losing it. Another defeated shaman group also attack Yoh and Anna.

Team Ren is wiped out and their will broken with knowledge of their own low mana scores. Yoh shows up just as they’re about to be killed and the volume ends.


My Thoughts:

Lots and lots and lots of talking. The few bits of fighting were so buried between exposition that it didn’t engage me at all.




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15 thoughts on “[Manga Monday] The Shamanic Oracle (Shaman King #17) ★★★☆☆

  1. It’s hard when manga is too heavy on one or another type of interaction. I find that the volumes which are too heave on the fighting can be just as annoying as the ones overly dialogue heavy. Hopefully the next volume will be a better balance!

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      1. I’m currently re-reading Death Note before tackling all the movies again, as well as try the Netflix adaption which I’ve avoided till I finished rereading. I’m almost done with the series.

        I want to get into Shaman King this year, without necessarily finishing the series in 2019. If it hooks me immediately, I’ll “binge” it. Otherwise, I’ll read some here and then and binge another series hahah

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        1. Cool! I hope you enjoy the netflix version. I did but I made sure to think of it as an alternate version rather than a straight adaptation. The final japanese movie sucked imo and I didn’t bother trying to track down the tv show.

          Good to know about Shaman King. I think the first several are bingable but man, these mid to late teen volumes are killing me with all the talking. I just want some mega-fights or something 🙂

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