Target Rich Environment (TRE #1) ★★★★★

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Title: Target Rich Environment
Series: TRE #1
Author: Larry Correia
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Short Story Collection
Pages: 359
Format: Digital Edition



A collection of many of Correia’s short stories that have only been published in magazines throughout the years. 2 Audible Exclusives were also turned into text, one taking place in the Grimnoir Universe and one about an Interdimensional Insurance Agent.


My Thoughts:

This was a rollicking good time. I was reading along, having a blast, figuring I’d give it 4 stars and then I read the final piece about Tom Stranger the Interdimensional Insurance Agent and this rocketed up to a 5 Star lickety-split! The humor in Tom Stranger might not appeal to everyone but it was certainly right up my alley.

I’d read a couple of these before, namely Tanya, Princess of the Elves that takes place in the MHI universe and is about how Tanya and Edward the Urk meet. Just as good the second time around. There were 2 Grimnoir Chronicles stories, one a prequel, Christmas in Detroit and a sequel, Murder on the Orient Elite. Jake Sullivan is a fantastic protagonist as he’s smart, capable and not just a Gary Stu.

The rest of the new stuff was a lot of fun to read too. Several of the stories took place in pre-existing franchise universes (mainly games) and while good, didn’t stand out to me. The one that really did stand out was a Cthulhu horror’esque story about a planet where humanity accidentally awakens an old one of that world which ripples out and the story ends with the Old One on Earth beginning to stir, so you know Humanity is DOOMED! If you’ve ever read much Lovecraft, this story would have fit in perfectly.

I don’t know what else to say. I never review each story in a collection, as that would make a review of a short story collection about 10,000 words and that would kill any joy for me. I am giving this the “Best Book of the Year” tag not for any richness or deep insights but because it kicked ass in every single story and I had so much fun reading it. After the debacle of Valor, this was needed to restore my faith in authors as a whole. If you ever do read this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Highly Recommended



bookstooge (Custom)


25 thoughts on “Target Rich Environment (TRE #1) ★★★★★

  1. “Fun” can be the perfect reason for such a high rating. I know that I like “fun” books better in general than “deep” or “meaningful” or “important” books.

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  2. 5 stars, nice! I only read first MHI book and it was one of the worst reading experiences this year… very much Gary Stu stuff and rather obnoxious male wish fulfillment, even though the overall premise was quite promising. Glad you liked this one though – hopefully he learned how to write since then 😉

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      1. I liked the orcs. Couldn’t care less about the whole Dynasty thing in the middle, and the main character was one of the worst Gary Stu’s I have ever encountered 😉 And yet the idea was pretty entertaining – maybe with a different author it would work better for me 😉 Suffice to say I didn’t think this book warranted a review – though if it did, it would’ve been one of those with name-calling and loads of vitriol, so you might have enjoyed it! 😀

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        1. hahahahaa. Vitriol and name calling would have been funny. I find it interesting that it bothers you that it is men’s wish fulfillment.

          Honestly, I think that subject is a big one and should be aired a bit more honestly. I don’t read a lot of female authors because of all the emotional touchy feely woman wish fulfillment. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with it (up to a certain point) but I simply don’t like reading it. So I don’t. I don’t usually hear about the opposite view so I’d be interested.

          My questions would be:
          What qualifies something as male wish fullfillment for you?
          What about that bothers you?
          If it doesn’t bother you, what does it cause? Lack of interest?

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          1. Oh, man, looks like I need to write that review after all 😉
            I don’t really discern between male and female wish fulfillment, I actually despise them both in the books I read (a point in case would be a Sarah J Mass book I read recently and loathed – did I tell you I hit a jackpot of crappy books this year?)
            I wouldn’t say it bothers me, actually. It’s more like “meh, not losing any more time on it”. I think it all boils down to unreality of main character, who’s very smart (an accountant), superheroically skilled (aka Hawkeye and Black Widow rolled into one), a master of martial arts (add Jean-Claude Van Damme to the mix), amazingly well-built and strong (to the point that he puts forth as a weakness what other consider as strength, which is vomit-inducing at the best of times “look how humble I am”), and a shy, self-conscious wallflower about it all to boot. He wins the main chick with a goodness of his heart, never mind him being the Chosen One and defeating Old Lovecraftian gods by himself 😛 Aaand it is so incredibly Gary Stu that I actually feel like I’m reading someone’s private fantasies, which makes me feel a bit voyeuristic and uncomfortable.
            Yeah, I think you get my drift 🙂 It’s the same with female wish fulfillment. There’s less guns, usually, and more naked male torsos and drama around, but the structure is basically the same 😉

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            1. Thanks! I’m always glad to get a different viewpoint on things 🙂

              And it’s been awhile since I read the earlier MHI books, so maybe in a couple of years it will be time to do a re-read and see what I think of them now 😀

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              1. I know I might seem like an old recording by now, but Cook never does something like that – nor Hobb, nor le Guin, nor Asher, to maintain gender equality 😉 I do think however that MHI subsequent books might have been better – this one was clearly a debut, and exhibited many failings of debuts to a very significant extent 😉 Would be curious to see what you’d think about them now! 🙂

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