Sandwich Ratings

I was talking with YouKneek over on her thread at LibraryThing (starting about message 275) and we got sidetracked onto what our ratings would be if they were sandwiches.

I through out a whole range off the top of my head but once I was done I realized, this was a subject worthy of a serious blog post. Food is serious business and so is rating books. And considering that I’m Mister Serious, it all fit together, like a toe in a sock in a steel toe’d boot!

So without further ado, I present My Ratings as Sandwiches!


1)  Anchovies and (your favorite) Cheese on Toast 


This is a picture of ricotta cheese (not my favorite btw) and anchovies on toast. The mere sight turns my stomach!


2) Peanutbutter and Jelly


I ate this from 2000 until almost 2010 everyday for lunch. It was economical, easy to change up (different jelly every week) and I loved crunch peanutbutter. Now however, I will go hungry rather than eat one of these. I burned myself out on them and I’ve never recovered from it.


3) Turkey bologna and cheese

Open Face baloney and Cheese Sandwich

I use wheat bread instead of white bread (because I’m not a racist!) but this pretty much looks like a bologna sandwich I’d make. Relatively cheap, not for every occasion but giving my body all the fuel it needs during a work day.


4) Toasted tomato sandwich


Toast, mayo, salt and pepper and then sliced up summer tomatoes. Yummmy!


5) Reuben on rye but with turkey bacon instead of sauerkraut


I don’t have a reuben very often. 2-3 times a year at most but I savor them when I do have them. Something about the rye bread just hits my tastebuds square on.


I hope you’re hungry now.


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72 thoughts on “Sandwich Ratings

  1. LOL, I’m glad your idea turned into a formal blog post with illustrative pictures! I can’t say any of those scream 5 stars to my own taste buds, but I’m oddly curious about the anchovies and ricotta cheese toast. I’ve never had an anchovy as far as I can remember, but I do love ricotta.

    So, no ricotta? Is it acceptable in lasagna or not even then?

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    1. Yeah, that whole conversation on LT inspired me 🙂

      Pictures definitely don’t translate as well I would have hoped. But that is ok.

      I think I’ve had anchovies once? Extremely salty and a very “strong” flavor. It was gross. As for ricotta, lasagna is about the only place I can stomach it. Which is odd, as I’m totally a cheese guy, even cottage cheese…

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      1. I love cheese in most forms myself. I never used to eat much cottage cheese, but for some reason I found myself in the mood for it a few weeks ago and I’ve been buying it ever since and eating it with blackberries or blueberries for an evening snack. I’m sure I’ll eventually get sick of it, but right now I’m wondering why I never did that before.

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        1. I tend to eat mine with dill pickle spears. Working outside I lose a lot of salt, so cottage cheese and pickle is cold, filling and gets me all the salt I crave 😀

          I have been more experimental this year with cheese. I actually like swiss now and am buying oddball types in the supermarket just to see what they taste like. I loved irish cheddar and “smoked” anything is pretty good too 🙂

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          1. I did something similar a few years back with trying random cheeses at the supermarket. Swiss and goat cheese (not together) are probably my favorites, although I also really like fresh mozzarella. I can’t think of many cheeses I’ve disliked, except Velveeta. I’m also not so sure about brie. The first time I tried it, I thought it was great. The second time I tried it, it tasted different and horrible and I wondered if something was wrong with it. I tried it a third time and there seemed to be glimmers of great and glimmers of horrible all mixed in at the same time and I’ve just avoided it ever since.

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                1. Mac and cheese is something that deserves its own post at some point. I’ve always liked it but in the last year or two Mrs B found a shop that does “gourmet” mac and cheese, Mr Macs, and my goodness, I’m hooked.

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    1. Hahahahaha, can you imagine the chaos? Plus, doing half sandwiches would be tough. On the other hand, I could more accurately rate books. For example, I could say a book was 1/4 pb&j, half a toasted tomato and 1/4 reuben. I think I’d confuse myself!

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      1. Hahahaa. On blogger I leave my wordpress address, since I am logged into blogspot but am not social on it and I don’t know how many times I’ve typed dotCOOM. Sigh 🙂


  2. For a moment I thought you were going to confess that you’d upset someone over sandwich ratings. 😂

    I don’t eat much meat but I do enjoy a Rueben about once every three years …. My number one would be a proscuitto, arugula sandwich with tomato, cheese, etc. Yum!

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    1. Now wouldn’t that have been funny? Man, I bet I could have written a wicked excoriating post if I’d actually upset someone about sandwiches. I’m laughing just thinking about it 🙂

      Vegetarian by choice or necessity? And did you grow up that way or slowly come to it?

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      1. I’ve never really liked meat in spite of eating lots of it courtesy of my parents. It’s odd because beef disgusts me but I really enjoy bison occasionally and lamb (BAA! Poor things!). Chicken, yuck! but I don’t mind most fish. So I’ve just naturally eaten less and less of it. My iron isn’t very high, however, so I’m going to have to eat more of it in the future which I’m not really looking forward to.

        You’ll be pleased to know that I upset someone lately on Goodreads by using logic and common sense and having a different opinion than them. The nerve! So I’m following in your footsteps, lol!

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        1. Concerning iron, can you eat a bit more spinach/leafy greens, or take a supplement? Mrs B is vegetarian but due to her crohns disease spinach is out, so she has to take a multi-vitamin with iron. Once or twice a week seems to work for her, thankfully, as she forgets them a lot 😀

          I hate to say it, but I suspect GR is filling up, fast, with people to whom logic and common sense are foreign concepts. Hopefully you won’t keep running into that kind of person. *crosses fingers*


    1. And that is probably why “Sandwich Ratings” will never catch on 😦
      Other peoples’ tastes aren’t as refined as mine 😉

      So are you indifferent to the other sandwiches because of their type, or just sandwiches in general? I’m running across people, more and more, that just don’t eat sandwiches at all.


  3. Totally dig your new rating, it’s food-themed like ours second tier general impression thing! 😀
    Though I really can’t say I like any of your sandwiches (equally hate anchovis, peanut butter+jelly, turkey bologna and white American fluffy pseudo-bread – and can’t say I ever ate Reuben 😂😂😂) There was one famous American burger/sandwich called Widow Maker though…

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    1. I hear you about white “bread”. I don’t know how that stuff actually qualifies as food.

      I wonder if a reuben is a country thing? Not being international, I don’t know what transcends borders or not.

      See, I count burgers as in a different category than a sandwich. Even while they’re essentially the same 🙂

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      1. Good to know!
        I bake my own bread, on sourdough 🙂 Raised in a country with a long tradition of good bread, most of what can be bought in the Anglo-Saxon countries is inedible to me 😉

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      1. I do really like them used sparingly on pizza. They’re great sauted in sauces too, just adds a savoury saltiness that you probably wouldn’t even know came from anchovies if you didn’t see the ingredients.

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  4. This is a highly amusing post! I’d change my own sandwich rating list up significantly (anything with anchovies would be an automatic DNF, for instance) but I like the concept!

    When I make my favorite lasagna recipe I substitute cottage cheese for the ricotta, and I like the result much better.

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  5. Hahaha, THIS is the quality content I’m looking for to spice up the blogroll 😀

    I’m actually not a huge fan of most of them, apart from the toasted tomato! This is such a simple but yummy combo, I definitely agree!

    We love our BLT’s here.. Bacon, lettuce, tomato!

    I’d probably pick something with cheese, avocado and mayo as my 5-star rating. you got me thinking 😀

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  6. really don’t like the sound of anchovies and cheese on toast! (although I love cheese on toast- but any other topping than anchovies!) PB&J isn’t really a thing here in the UK, so no comment 😉 But can get on board with all the others! Glad I just ate before checking this post out 😉

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  7. Try and imagine the Platonic form of a Subway sandwich: a big loaf of good, fresh French bread, real deli meats (2 kinds of salami, ham, mortadella, and hot capicola – I would almost sell my soul to find capicola over here…), thick Swiss cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, chopped olives, drizzled with French salad dressing… They were the size of a mailing tube and could feed the family. When I walk past a Subway, I feel like Johnny Cash, hearing that whistle blowin’ from Fulsom…

    Incidently, what are the best crisps to put in a sandwich? As I child I conducted exhaustive research using salted Squares and salt and vinegar Discos but eventually had to abandon the experiment after it became clear that with each new sandwich the prospect of perfection was receding ever further away, like a rainbow.

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    1. That sandwich sounds spectacular.

      By crisps I gather you mean what Americans call potato chips, or just plain chips? I don’t mix them into the equation. That would be like asking which soda is best to pour onto my sandwich 😉

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  8. “I use wheat bread instead of white bread (because I’m not a racist!)” 😂😂😂 I love this post and can’t believe I missed it! Skip on the anchovies, but wow, I’m so hungry after this!

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  9. Oh yumm!! 😀 PB&J is my usual go to food when i can’t be bothered. The J part is usually marmelade, blackcurrant or strawberry jam 😀
    That tomato one looks good – gonna have to try it!

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