[Manga Monday] Shaman Fight (Shaman King #24) ★★★☆½

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Title: Shaman Fight
Series: Shaman King #24
Author: Hiroyuki Takei
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 200
Format: Digital Copy



Anna shows up and calls out the ghost. He’s already seen the error of his ways thanks to Super Joco though and un-possesses his daughter and asks the gang to destroy the golem. Anna refuses and tells him to stop being stupid. They need the golem in the fight against Hao. So Munzer the ghost becomes part of Team Yoh.

The Patch are looking at their records and only 39 shamans are left in the fight. The Patch chief goes on about the Shaman fight not being a moral fight but one only of strength. He then sends 2 other Patch officiants to teach Silva (the officiant who qualified Yoh) a lesson, as Silva tried to steal some Patch artifacts to do something on his own.

One of Hao’s minions confronts Yoh and tells him if he doesn’t get back in the Shaman Fight that he, Hao, will destroy the golem AND the children. Yoh has a personal crisis with this threat. He doesn’t WANT to fight but he also wants to be Shaman King for a variety of good reasons. Anna tells Yoh to stop sulking and to get back in the fight. She’ll be a laughingstock otherwise.

Yoh heads over to the X-Laws and tells them he’s back in the Shaman Fight. This obviously doesn’t go over well with Marco, the Captain. 4 or 5 of the X-Law’s and their angels attack Yoh. Yoh avoids everything easily and tells Lyserg to stand clear so he doesn’t get hurt. Yoh fights off the minor Angels and then directly attacks Marco and his Archangel. Marco goes ballistic and then some stranger walks up to the boat claiming to be the creator of the X-Laws.

He, Luchist, also says he’s working with Hao and he has the 000 Angel, the Lucifer. He effortlessly destroys the minor shamans and their angels and Marco and his angel the Michael spring into attack mode. They beat the snot out of each other and Luchist is about to kill Marco when Yoh intervenes.

Both Luchist and Marco suddenly transform into skimpy leather clothing and Luchist begins lecturing Yoh about “Battle Clothes”. Then he and Marco really start fighting. Yoh and Lyserg wonder if they even should intervene and Lyserg wants to get Lady Jeanne to intervene but Yoh realizes Luchist’s real goal is to destroy Jeanne.


My Thoughts:

Much better. Michael and Lucifer fighting each other? That is the level of power I want to see!

Sadly, while I really did like the increased fighting, the battle scenes were wicked busy and it made it hard to parse out just what exactly was going on. It also didn’t help that the last 10 pages in this ebook version had the pages sideways. Not the fault of the manga-ka but still something I had to take into consideration.

I really want to kill the whole Patch tribe at the moment. They are NOT my favorites with their recent reveal about how they’re treating Silva for trying to help Yoh.



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12 thoughts on “[Manga Monday] Shaman Fight (Shaman King #24) ★★★☆½

    1. Nope, there are 32 volumes in total. The Epilogues were just the end of the Shaman Fight being all nice and tidy. Now it’s getting downright unpleasant as the main villain Hao is starting to let go of pretending to play by the rules.


        1. Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense to me either. I was just totally bs’ing trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about 😀

          I’m very glad this was a completed series before I started.


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