Survival Saturday – The Gingie Edition


For all the Why’s and Wherefore’s of Survival Saturday, please visit the Intro Post. Thanks!


Last time I did a SS post was back in March with Attack of the Ninjabread Men. Which means it has been 2/3’s of a year. I’m a bit out of practice, so I wanted something fun, easy and still foody.  Thank goodness for Krusteaz! This was so easy. All I needed was the mix, 1 stick of butter and 1 egg. To bring this into survival terms, even if technology craps the bed, the plastic the mix is stored in will last for decades and then all you’ll need is a cow and a chicken and voila, you are set!



This time I learned something from my past experience with Gingerbread. Melted butter and Softened butter are NOT the same thing. So I just let this sit out overnight so it would be nice and soft.



Cracking an egg is much easier than cracking heads!



I put ALL the complicated ingredients into a mixing bowl in the perfect proportions.



Then I hand kneaded the bejabs out of it!



By the time I was done, it was putty in my hand!



Then it was time to divide and conquer.



Finally, I brought them altogether for a family reunion.



The final step was to flatten them on a cookie sheet and cook them. But obviously, a true Chef never cooks and tells!


And that was a good re-introduction to Survival Saturday. Whetted the appetite, as it were. Next month I’ll have a “real” Survival Saturday with another of the long term storage food things. Please look forward to it!


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46 thoughts on “Survival Saturday – The Gingie Edition

          1. Yeah, I’ve consumed quite a bit of raw cookie dough over the years and I’ve never suffered any ill effects from it. If I ever do, maybe that will cure me of the habit. Maybe!

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    1. Thankfully, I have no compunction about chef’ing and telling, in the comments! 😉

      They were the most delicious gingerbread dough balls I’ve had in a long time. Homemade might have tasted better but all the effort would have counted against, so this was perfect for someone like me 🙂

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  1. Love this. I, too, am a prepper wannabe. You provide the ginger cookies and I’ll provide the chicory coffee. Of course, we live 1000s of miles apart, so if Something Happens, we will never, ever meet.

    I think instead of softened butter you could probably substitute vegetable shortening, lard, or reserved bacon grease. Although now that I think about it, bacon and lard are just as difficult to make from scratch as butter. Shortening keeps pretty well, though, so maybe we should stock up on tubs of it.

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    1. Chicory coffee is gross! I’d rather drink Postum, hahahahaa!

      Much easier to get a cow and churn your own butter. Mrs B and I bought one of those tubs of crisco when we first got married. We hadn’t used it for several years and checked it out about 5 years ago. It had congealed into this mass of something that was simply unusable. I didn’t know that was even possible 😀

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    1. I love ginger. I like to eat the sugared, cubed stuff I can buy at the supermarket. I treat it like candy 😀
      So gingerbread combines the goodness of ginger with cookie dough!

      And I think you are going to be correct in your prognostication :-/

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  2. All this talk of raw dough has me whetted for some now. Glad you got to this again I love the Anime shirt man. Thanks for sharing and bringing a smile and some mouth watering to my face. Hope it was good!

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  3. Survival Saturday is back! And with a step-by-step picture recipe to boot!
    Well, post-apocalyptic cookies don’t sound too bad, compared with the previous fare you posted about, as long as you remember to keep a cow and a chicken in your fallout shelter… 😀 😀

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    1. Well, now that you have me picturing it in my head, it looks funny to me too! I’m imagining someone carrying a big huge backpack of these mixes, desperately looking for cows and chickens while making moo’ing and cluck’ing noises 😀

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    1. I ATE them, raw ginger cookie dough balls. And it was so good that I told Mrs B to not get me another mix for at least a month. I don’t need that much caloric intake while I’m trying to lose weight.

      But it was good, so very good!

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