[Manga Monday] Kare Kano: His & Her Circumstances #1

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Title: Kare Kano: His & Her Circumstances #1
Series: Kare Kano: His & Her Circumstances #1
Author: Masami Tsuda
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 192
Format: Digital Edition



Yukino Miyazawa is an average girl who works excessively hard to present a perfect social image. Her true identity is discovered by her rival, Soichiro Arima who blackmails her into helping him maintain his status as the perfect student. Their interactions cause Yukino to fall in love with Soichiro who likewise, discovers his true personality under his stoic facade. Soichiro begins to express angst in his new personality, believing he will become like his abusive parents. However, Yukino comforts him and Soichiro confesses his love to her in response.

There is a smaller second story about a young woman who hides because she is afraid and a young man who accidentally gets involved in her life. She begins to learn to not be afraid and he begins to learn to think about other people instead of just brushing them aside.


My Thoughts:

Given that this is my third time reading this you’d think I’d remember more beyond knowing it is a highschool drama. But nope, not a bleeding thing. So this was like reading it for the first time.

First off, I appear to have a soft spot for highschool drama, even while castigating it and rolling my eyes. Otherwise I can’t explain why I enjoyed this so much. Two 15 year olds filled with young pride and angst learning to navigate Life and thinking that nobody before them has ever encountered the same horrible problems that are currently destroying their lives. Hahahahahaa.

I am not expecting to be able to make it through the whole series even while I really enjoyed this volume. The second couple’s story I think sets the theme for the whole series. The two main characters and their issues and then side stories about ancillary characters.

Not a bad way to spend an hour or so.



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14 thoughts on “[Manga Monday] Kare Kano: His & Her Circumstances #1

    1. Isn’t it funny how our tastes differ so much? I can’t stand YA books but put it in a manga and I’m hooked! Once I’m done with this, whether through finishing it or dnf’ing it, my next manga foray will be W Juliet. Which once again, is a highschool romance drama. It just makes me laugh 😀

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    1. In books, highschool drama is something I’d drop in a heart beat. I really have NO idea why it works for me in manga. I’m thinking of taking a deeper look inside with bookstoogiovision when I read the 2nd volume.

      And thank you. It wasn’t much of a thanksgiving due to Mrs B having to work, but we’d celebrated the weekend before with my bro and sisterinlaw, so we got our potatoes and stuffing fix 😀


  1. Lol, I do wonder if you enjoy it so much because you castigate it and indulge yourself with epic eyerolls, or maybe because there is a heart of romantic butter under that tough facade 😀 Either way, I’m happy for you! 😊

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