It’s Hell to Choose (Kurtherian Gambit #9) ★☆☆☆☆

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Title: It’s Hell to Choose
Series: Kurtherian Gambit #9
Author: Michael Anderle
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 313
Format: Digital Edition



TQB Enterprises is going semi-public. Not only have they revealed their space capabilities but also that they have other tech that is very advanced. Tech that companies and countries want, now, for free. A group of highly skilled mercenaries are hired to infiltrate the American base that is the current headquarters for TQB and to data mine it and then destroy it, with a nuke. This is sanctioned by a US government Senator.

At the same time TQB advances its space plans to create a space station in months, instead of years. Bethany Ann wants off the Earth so she’s not entangled in the politics. She also begins the process of integrating the Vamps and Weres into a single fighting unit instead of splitting them up, as has historically happened.

Most of the TQB tech is moved into space and given protection by the new fighter units. They outmatch some French fighter jets and put one of them on the Eiffel Tower. They also move everything from the United States base into storage or prep it for space. They fight off the mercenary attack but Michael sacrifices himself to get rid of the nuke.

The book ends with Bethany Ann being all broken up about Michael’s death, since she confessed that “she loved him”. She begins to focus that fury into accomplishing her goal of protecting the Earth against whatever maybe coming.


My Thoughts:

So this is where the Kurtherian Gambit and I part ways. First, there are the token homosexuals that Anderle throws in, for wokeness points, then there is the unspoken deification of Bethany Ann and finally the “character growth” that was meant to happen by Michael’s supposed demise.

Obviously, the first issue is one that I’ve made my stance on very clear. No need to talk about it yet again.

The second issue is one that has been building for me for the last couple of books. Bethany Ann is growing so powerful, with no checks upon her and we as readers have no idea what sets her moral compass. Anderle throws in some stuff about “loyalty” and general goodness and crap, but when a character is the most powerful entity on a planet, and pretty much is going to run things how they see fit, as an author you’d better make sure that you’re not creating a tinpot tyrant. I don’t see that happening with Anderle. Bethany Ann is a tyrant with unfettered power and an attitude of “my way or the highway, bub”. While Anderle writes her as protecting humanity, there is no real reason given. She’s just “good”. I know I’m using a lot of quotation words here, but this issue really bothers me. What makes her so good, what sets her apart from all the other humans on the planet (those same humans who show their worst at a moments notice by the way), etc. Being Good by authorial fiat works in a shorter storyline, but we’re up to book 9 here.

I took a step back from this issue to make sure it wasn’t a gender thing. I have some strong opinions on that issue that are about as popular as my stance on the whole homosexuality thing so I sat back and thought. Would I have these same issues if this series had been about Michael? And the answer is a resounding “Yes!”, if he’d been Bethany Ann’ized into Good Incarnate. Bethany Ann is just inherently good and every decision she makes, while not necessarily the best one, is always the right one. I am obviously over-thinking that aspect, but it has cropped up enough for me to realize it would have bugged me for the rest of the series.

Finally, the character development, or lack thereof. I was perfectly fine with these books being action packed, wham bam books. Introduce the characters, give them a hint of a personality and then just go from there. But don’t try to make your characters “real” if you don’t have the writing chops to do it. We’re led to believe that Bethany Ann and Michael have this deep soul connection, because they go out on a couple of dates and sleep together and Bethany Ann confesses she loves Michael? Come on, even I can write that! So don’t do it. Telling me something, as a reader,  is very different from showing it. And it is hard to show character development in a 300 page book with so many characters and so much going on.

So that is why I’m done with the Kurtherian Gambit series. Anderle does have another series, the Amazing Mr Brownstone, that I’m hoping to start sometime next year. It is another long running series that I hope doesn’t have the same issues as this series. With my drop in reading, I certainly won’t be waiting until book 9 to make a final decision about it.



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11 thoughts on “It’s Hell to Choose (Kurtherian Gambit #9) ★☆☆☆☆

  1. It looked like it was going in this direction for a while now – I remember your earlier reviews mentioning some of the issues. Still, sorry it just didn’t work out better – but with your freshly limited reading time, no sense wasting it for duds! Better luck with your next book! 😀

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    1. See, while I like character development, I don’t need it quite as much as other people seem to. BUT, if the author throws in some “pretend” development, well, that annoys me beyond all get out 🙂

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