“What My Favorite Characters Would Be Doing in Quarantine” Tag


The inestimable Mrs Mugrage recently tagged me in her own “Favorite Character Quarantine” post.  There were some rules, but I obviously threw them out the window as I always do.

So let’s see what happens when I put some of my favorite fictional characters into illegal lockdown!


Kensho Quarantine

Jerome, now a master swordsman and follower of the Way, would resign his position as head of the Order, strap on his sword, put on his cloak and take a journey.  To New York State where he would behead the Governor, one Andrew Cuomo, for his tyrannical, despotic and illegal actions. He would then be gunned down by a cadre of corrupt New York police officers for “resisting arrest”.


Phantom Tollbooth Quarantine


Milo, from the The Phantom Tollbooth, would simply get in his little car and drive through the tollbooth and enter another land until it was all over.  He’d have some wonderful adventures and come back fully refreshed and ready to take on the world. Lucky guy!


Yotsuba Quarantine


Yotsuba, only being 5, would quickly go crazy and her dad would have to find things for her to do so she wouldn’t drive HIM crazy.  He’d probably have her clean the house, every day!


Black Stallion Quarantine

I think we ALL know what would happen to the Black Stallion …..
♪♪I’m Lovin’ It!♪♪


Enchanted Forest Chronicles Quarantine

Princess Cimorene,  now Queen Cimorene, would tirelessly help out the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest as they came down with the virus. Sadly, she would succumb herself and die a slow, lingering and agonizing death.  Mendenbarr, her husband and King of the Enchanted Forest with all of its powers at his command becomes unhinged and declares war on the wizards who he blames for the virus. The wizards, being sneaky no-good scum, drag the dragons into things. Mendenbarr destroys the wizards but also hurt the dragons who try to burn down the Enchanted Forest in retaliation. They fail but end up killing Mendenbarr. Because he is crazy from Cimorene’s death he unleashes one final blast of magic that destroys the world as he dies.  Truly tragic.


Ahhh, good times! What a great tag.


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33 thoughts on ““What My Favorite Characters Would Be Doing in Quarantine” Tag

    1. In most of Western Civ, horse meat isn’t used, at least not legally. But do you remember the horse meat fiasco in britain a couple of years ago? I can’t remember if it was a chain restaurant or not (I’ve been informed it was probably McDonald’s), but they were caught bulking up the pricier beef with cheap horsemeat :-/
      It was in 2013 and was in Europe, not just Britain.

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        1. But I do believe that in places like Russia and those areas, it’s a normal, accepted thing.
          Personally, I’ve never understood why it was a problem, IF they held them to the same health standards as cows…

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      1. You know that this is not true? Italy imports loads of horse meat. I can buy horse sausages every day in Germany, and France and Belgium often use horse meat. Other European countries like Hungary use it regularly. As far as I know, no European country forbids it.
        In fact, it tastes similar to beef (why would you have a problem eating horse meat but no problem with beef?) but is finer and needs less cooking time.

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        1. I did NOT know that it wasn’t true. Thanks for enlightening me.

          That makes me wonder why the scandal was such a big thing then? Maybe because it wasn’t told the customer?

          I know I won’t eat horse because I adhere to the kosher laws for meat and Mrs B is vegetarian. But from an emotional side, I’d have no problem with it. But that isn’t typical for most Americans…

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          1. I guess it just isn’t usual at all. And for most people it feels like eating dogs.
            The huge majority of Christians (i.e. roman catholic, lutheran evangelical, and all orthodox) don’t have anything to do with kosher rules. Actually, it came to a surprise for me that it is relevant for any Christian at all, as I thought it is only Jewish and Islamic tradition. Given your earlier explanation, it makes sense though.

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            1. You’re right that most mainline Christians don’t think at all about any sort of dietary rules.

              7th Day adventists keep a very strict dietary stricture. Health is one of the big pillars of our denomination 🙂

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    1. Oh. My. Goodness.

      You sir, are accusing me of heinous acts of justice, errr, I mean, vigilantiism, errrr, crimes! I have NEVER felt so slandered in my entire life. Hahahaa.

      I actually thought of the Black Stallion first and then everything else was an attempt to cover it up and gloss it over 😀 😀 😀

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  1. My nieces are roughly Yotsuba’s age, and boy was it tough keeping them occupied and happy during the strict lockdown. Now, it’s easier, but I’ve seen how difficult it was for parents, especially working from home with kindergartens closed… salute to all these brave souls 🙂

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