Currently Reading & Quote: Lord of Chaos

The Prologue encompassed about 6 different viewpoints and when I reached Chapter 1, I had forgotten I was still reading the prologue! Oy vey.

There was a quote though that felt too fitting, sadly:

“You bite at one another like rats in a sealed box.”
~One of the Forsaken to either Elayne or Nynaeve

Thankfully, the girls are somewhat separated so the bitchiness factor has been spread around. We’re getting both Rand, Matt and Perrin’s perspective, so this is going to be a full book. Calibre calculates this at 976 pages and I think Librarything has it close to 1100? Either way, this is a big fat book. Wouldn’t surprise me if it slows my reading for the month way down.

39 thoughts on “Currently Reading & Quote: Lord of Chaos

    1. Good taste tells 😉

      And I’d get used to it. I’m planning on making that pix the lead for most of my currently reading, quotes, etc kind of posts. Anything book related but not a review will probably have it 😀

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  1. Can’t get over the fact how cool that picture is🤔🤔😊😊 Anyways, good luck this definitely is a big book! Robert Jordan is another one of those authors that has been on my to read list like forever🤔🤔

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    1. I loved this series the first couple of times that I went through it. I’ve only read the ending 3 books once (where Sanderson finished it due to Jordan dying), so we’ll see what I think of the series as a whole once I’m done next year or ’22 😀

      And thanks. It IS a cool picture isn’t it? I’m wicked glad I found it.

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  2. I read The Knife of Dreams and part of one of the other books, I can’t remember which one. I’m just glad they printed it on acid free paper. By the time you get to the end your fingers might have a problem. . .

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        1. Two indie books, One is by our mutual blogger / Author friend Ms. Mugrage titled The Long Guest and Darke Awakening by Lee Hall. These are both around 500 pages, although I think Ms. Mugrage’s book is a bit longer. There is of course more, but that is what I’m focusing on! =D

          Anything over 250 pages is a big book to me!

          And regarding Knife of Dreams – I was in the poor house and it was within reaching distance and not much else to choose from, ha ha. I’m thinking the other one I started and didn’t finish was book #1, which was a lot more coherent for me, seems like Knife got into some epicism, especially toward the end that probably would have made more sense if I followed order!

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          1. Looking forward to your review of the Long Guest. I’ve made a conscious choice to not read books by people I know, even online. It just doesn’t end well for me the couple of times I have done it. Either I pull my punches or I feel like I pull my punches. Neither is a scenario I want to get into.

            I was checking out the stats on bookhype and it has a great break down of what my reading page numbers look like:
            0-199 = 23%
            200-399 = 44%
            400-599 = 22%
            600-700 = 8%
            800+ = 2%

            There’s a percentage missing, but that’s because they rounded to the 10th of a percent. So it looks like the 200-400 is the sweet spot for me.

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    1. I can’t even imagine reading these on paper anymore! Ebooks all the way for me. My kindle is a couple of ounces instead of pounds 😀

      Did you read Knife “just because” to see what the fuss was all about? It just seems an odd place to jump in, as it’s book 8 or 9.


    1. Yahhssssssss! Even if you end up hating the book (which I doubt, but hey, it “could” happen), I love it so much that I always find it interesting to see what others think of it, good, bad or indifferent 😀

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    1. Oh man, another Sanderson tome. Hahahahhaa about it and your bookshelves. It doesn’t surprise me though, those books are just humongous. I haven’t been following the Shards (or whatever it is called) series by him, is War book 4 or 5?

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    1. I know I’m going to wait until the whole season is out before I watch it. I can’t do the whole “one episode per week” any more. My viewing habits are so different from what they used to be, even 5 years ago.

      Part of the apparent slowdown is that I’m having a real hard time getting motivated to post the links to LT every time. Besides you and YouKneek, I don’t actually care about anyone’s reviews or opinionson LT. I follow several other people, but I am just not into the LT format of doing things :-/


  3. Good luck on your Jordan, I just finished a 350 page WH that took me 3 months… If you read it complete this month you win all the way to 2030… Also love the Stooge chronicles cover, are you going to start writing your own book yet?

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    1. I actually looked at whether I should try my hand at writing a book. My WP stats state that I tend to write between 50-60K of words a year, which is a small novel. So I have the words, but not the ideas or the ambition. And I would probably turn into one of those horrid indie authors who think they’re the best thing since Shakespeare 😉

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    1. Between Dickens and Jordan, this year has been full of chunksters. Thankfully, I’m wrapping up Dickens in the next couple of months so ’21 shouldn’t have quite the same chunkster ratio.

      All this “chunkster” talk makes me feel like I need to go on some sort of book diet, hahahahaha 🙂

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