Bookstooge Reviews 2020


Annual WordPress Blog Stats

Posts – 290 (↑65)
Words Written – 197K (↑72K)
Views – 25K (↑7K)
Visitors – 10K (↑3K)
Followers – 378 (↑100+)

Book Stats

Books read – 156 (↑21)
Pages read – 56,855 (↑11K)
Words read – 16,950K (almost 17million words!)
Average Rating – 3.53 (↑0.25)


General Bookish Thoughts in General:

My book’ish numbers were up from last year across the board. My manga numbers are about the same so it means the books ARE actually up. This is confirmed by the Page Count being up as well. While 0.25 might not seem a lot, it is a significant boost in the Ratings. Overall, I’m happy with how my reading for 2020 went.

I stopped pruning my followers part way through the year and that is the real reason for the bump in followers. I wrote a lot more too and more posts tend to translate into more of everything else. Including the damnable Spanish Spam Bots! Thankfully, that particular issue has been dealt with, even while not being solved.

Right now, I am happy with all of my numbers. If I can stay here and not get any bigger, that would be good. I like this level of activity and it is quite reasonable to handle as a hobby. Any bigger and things would start getting stressful for me. I also know myself and if I were to get any bigger I’d start really obsessing about “stats” and all the other stuff that is beyond my control as a blogger. I don’t need or want that. I’m an airplane and I’m at cruising altitude! Slip those sunshades on, turn on the autopilot, sit back and enjoy the ride.

What a year it’s been here at Can I just take a minute as we all swear, profusely and at length, about the Block Editor?
* clenches fists and swears for 5 minutes *

Ok. Now that that is out of the way, I can talk calmly and rationally about the huge gigantic fuster cluck that the Block Editor was and continues to be. While I am now inured to it and have my routine down (so it doesn’t take me forever to do something like it used to), I have seen bloggers leave because of it. When bloggers leave, you know something isn’t right. WordPress has definitely taken a direction into the “pay for websites” side of things instead of using casual bloggers to increase their reach. The block editor still doesn’t work right all the time, has less capability than the previous editor (where’s my scheduling calendar you flaming jackasses!?!?) and simply isn’t meant for writing. Which makes using it a continually frustrating experience as things seem to break on a weekly basis for no apparent reason. If I hadn’t already sunk in so much time with my Under Construction Project here at WP, I’d have left too. At this point though, I’ve invested enough sweat equity that I don’t see myself leaving WP for anything less than leaving blogging in general.

On the positive side of things. This year has been the best I’ve had at WP since I started full time in December of ’16. My numbers started growing in March and slowly but steadily grew all year. I’m sure Covid19 played a big part, but even with my rather outspoken Christian views on several controversial social issues, the views haven’t gone down. While I wish I could take credit, I didn’t really do anything different, that I’m aware of, than I have in previous years. I’ve just been me. That means the blame is squarely on you. It’s all your fault I had a great year and I hold YOU directly responsible.

Keeping track of my Word Count has been beneficial in that it’s another metric to measure my monthly stats. This is the first Year in Review where I include that data so I don’t have anything to compare it too, yet.

Of course, the Churn has continued to happen. People stop blogging (and not just because of the hated block editor) and I’m continually on the lookout for new people to follow. I change, other bloggers change. It is not a static environment and I think this year I’ve finally come to an acceptance of that. I will enjoy your company for as long as you choose to hang around but I refuse to be anxious in anticipation of you leaving.

Another year on blogger. They changed their editor at the exact same time that WordPress did, so what should have been an easy transition turned into a bloody nightmare because of all the stress caused by WordPress. I’ve got it all settled now and simply put my reviews there. No social posts, no fun post, nothing but the reviews. I consider blogger my blogging backup. I learned, from a young age, not to put all my money in one bank and, when I got older, not to put all my data only on one site. Blogger is my cash hidden under the mattress.

LibraryThing. What to say? They ALSO changed their site near the end of the year. Thankfully, since I’m not invested very heavily, the changes didn’t really affect me beyond some cosmetic look&feel type things. I am still a member of the Green Dragon, but to keep within the guidelines of not discussing Religion or Politics, I simply put links to WordPress in my thread. Not ideal and I’m wondering if it will last through ’21 or not. I only interact with a literal handful of people and after sounding them out, most of them get my WP posts emailed to them anyway. Librarything is a fourth line of backup defense.

Every time that I try to interact in a bigger group, it just falls flat on its face and I get pissed off to no end. Telling people that what they said was idiotically stupid and dumb and just plain wrong doesn’t go over very well I have found. Weird, huh?

I tried Devilreads again to see if the pretty pictures and stats you can get at the end of the year were worth the hassle of using yet another book site, and one that I hate at that. Verdict? Totally not worth it. Will not be trying this experiment in 2021. So long devilreads, don’t let the pitchfork spit you where the Good Lord split you. If it weren’t for the fact that I know so many people who happily use devilreads, I’d gladly wish a hacker death to the site.

Bookhype was just a disappointment. I tried it because a former wordpress blogger (who the bleeding block editor drove away by the way) was trying it out and I wanted to keep in touch. That did not happen. Because bookhype isn’t about the social side of things at all. So I’m abandoning that too.

I have talked about Calibre Here. As I continue work on the blog I tweak the reviews in Calibre so everything matches up. But basically, my Calibre database is up to snuff and it’s more about the day to day reviews now. There have been several major upgrades to Calibre this year (a pretty big jump from 3.X to 4 and then a massive upgrade to 5.X) but I’m holding steady at 4.23 until the de-drm plugin is updated. If none of that made any sense, don’t worry, it only should if you’re vested in using Calibre already.


Best Book of the Year:

Great Expectations
This was the Year of Dickens and it was a wicked close thing between this and Little Dorrit. Great Expectations won by a whisker though.

Worst Book of the Year:

Kingdom Come
I didn’t have a single book this year that I could turn to and easily say “This was the worst book of the year.” I had no half star books and even the 1stars tended to be more “DNF on Principle” than because I hated them. I chose Kingdom Come because it was the one book (besides Rosemary and Rue) that got a real rise out of me.


I actually don’t have any. Survival Saturday didn’t last very long into ’20 and it wouldn’t surprise me if the #6Degrees series follows that trajectory. I seem to have this built-in limiter for how long a specific blog series can run before I just stop it. That does mean that I need to start thinking of something to fill up a Sunday slot or two each month. Any ideas?

Of course, once having written that I don’t have any ideas, they immediately started creeping in. Doesn’t that just figure. 🤷‍♂️ (And you all can thank SDMcKinley for any and all use of emoji’s I use from now on. He has unleashed the Beast)

My Beloved Dickens reading journey is coming to an end. As I’d like to keep the classics rolling, I’ll be adding a Complete Works of G.K Chesterton and the Complete Works of the Bronte Sisters. They’re no Dickens but they’re better than Susanna Clarke! (boo, hiss)

I am going to “try”, really hard, to do less re-reading this year. I re-read 45 books last year. That is almost 30% of my total reading. I’m not looking to make a huge change, but if I can swing that number to below 25% and closer to 20%, I’ll be happy. There are SO MANY new books and some have been sitting on my tbr for over 2 years now. So I’m going to make concerted effort to only add re-reads that are essential.

For movies, I am thinking of taking the advice of someone from Librarything and making this a Muppet Movie themed year. Whether actual movies or the 1970’s variety show, it just sounds appealing to me. To bootstrap myself, I’ve bought 3 of the movies (the original Muppets, The Great Muppet Caper and Muppet Treasure Island) and the first season of the tv show from the 70’s. Singing, dancing, disco-balls, 2021 is the Year that Bookstoogevolta (me, anti-carnating as John Travolta) brings back Disco!

I have added a Statcounter to my page so I’m hoping to get even more Numb3rs for next year’s Year in Review. It’s free so it only holds so much data but I figure if I add a section to my Monthly Roundup’s I can get a good cross section for the year. I used it in December and it is quite different from the WP stats, so I’m not sure it will be truly helpful until I have several years of data to compare against but considering how I like that kind of thing, I can wait until I have it 😀


This year. What can I say? It was obviously dominated by Covid19 and yet for Mrs B and I, outside of a few church related activities, it didn’t change OUR routine. It changed everyone around us and thus change was forced on us that way. The stress of it all definitely got to us though. Between people turning into Mask Nazi’s and the inability to interact normally, even I was finding myself snappish by years end.

Work slowed down right at the beginning of covid, but after that, we were gangbusters all year long. I learned that I don’t want anything to do with the office or being inside and I am sure my time is limited before I leave because of general conditions even out in the field. Not worrying about that yet though. I have to survive yet another New England winter and that is about all I’m going to mentally deal with at the moment. Mrs B started working nights around Halloween and next week should be the end of that. I’m probably looking forward to it ending more than she is.

I survived the heat of Georgia for 10 days on Our Vacation. It was sorely needed but a mere month after returning it was like it had never happened. I think we could use a year long vacation!

Our church is still open, our cars are still working, our bills are being paid off and we’re getting fat because we have so much food. And we have more books and movies than we have time to consume. I think that qualifies as a good thing.

TOP 5:

Here are the top 5 viewed posts in each of the various categories. It isn’t quite equal, as posts from November and December just don’t have the time to accumulate the views.

Book Review Posts:

What an eclectic mix. On a “just because” note, I started writing this post at the beginning of December and included the top 5 from then. In the four weeks since, this list has changed twice. The Great Divorce and The Most Dangerous Game were narrowly bumped off, which is why I’m giving them an honorary mention here.

Non-Review Posts:

Anytime I wrote about the block editor I got a flood of views, so I chose the top one to allow some of the other posts to shine. Obviously though, the wordpress community did not, and does not, like the block editor. Personally, I hope wordpress chokes to death on it. Outside of the Vacation post, most were of the more introspective and navel gazing variety of post. I’m perfectly fine with that, as long as you’re gazing at your own navel and not trying to peek at mine.

Honorary mentions go to A History of ….. Magic the Gathering and Need More Space? History was bittersweet for me while Space gave me options for the future if I ever run into storage limits here at WP.

Commentors + Runner Up:

I think this section is pretty self-explanatory. I am wondering if WP is somehow messing with me in what I think are my top commentors. Without digging around though, with very blunt and almost useless tools provided to this lowly peon by my Lizard Overlords at WP, I am going to have to go with what they supply me.


Movies weren’t high on my list this year and I ended up watching more seasons of anime than anything. I did want to include the recent Muppets Christmas Carol, but with only a week under its belt, it just doesn’t have the numbers to go against the Big Boys that have been around all year. Better luck next year, Michael Caine!

Turns out the Muppets struck a viewing chord. It rocketed past such “gems” as Karas: The Prophecy, the Revelation. You go Michael Caine! You da man…

Happy New Years!

103 thoughts on “Bookstooge Reviews 2020

    1. Thanks Yesha. I am extremely happy with the stats I had this year. And they are at the upper limit of what I can handle, so I don’t even have to have the imaginary stress of trying to grow. I just want to maintain 😀

      Goals are only good if you can stick them. If you can’t, then don’t bother. Because you know, stress. What’s the point in stressing out about our hobby, right? 😀

      And I trust you have a great ’21 as well.

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  1. Very happy to hear about your numbers going up across the board! The COVID situation mainly affected us because of the kids. You asked in a comment on my blog about how things got busier, and I’ll elaborate when I get around to replies, but basically helping the kids doing school at home really threw off my entire schedule, and I work from home so I had to make up for that lost time during the day by making up the work at night, which ate into my reading/reviewing time. And I use statcounter too! I like their weekly report, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t really look at my stats too much anymore, since their overview is so nice. I only just glance at the trends and look in detail only if I see anything off. Happy new year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂

      And thanks for explaining the “busier” thing. I can’t imagine what life is like dealing with that kind of situation.

      How accurate do you find Statcounter? So far, they are WAY different than my wp stats. And how do you look at trends? Actually, what are trends in the first place? Sorry to be asking so much, it’s just all (kind of) new to me. A 15 year break from using them seems like a lifetime ago 😀


      1. I think it’s more accurate, because I find it “smarter” than WP’s tracker, though it’s been a while since I looked at the features for either, so don’t quote me on that. Statcounter has ways of not counting your own hits based on IP, for example, and it also doesn’t “double count” when people refresh in quick succession (again, don’t quote me, things might have changed or WP’s system might have caught up).

        You should also start getting your weekly analytical reports from Statcounter pretty soon, and examples of trends are like daily average traffic and daily traffic breakdown, etc. with page views, unique visits, first time visits, returning visits numbers compared to the previous week 🙂

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        1. I do know that WP doesn’t count your own visits based on the IP of when you’re logged in. I don’t know about the refresh thing.

          And thanks for the heads up about the email report. It was turned off for me, so I just turned it on. We’ll see if I can handle another stream of info 😀


  2. Happy New Year from Japan! Congratulations on such a successful reading and blogging year. I’m glad I found you and I want to thank you for your help and advice😃. Also, I’m sorry for contributing–however small–to an increase in your views, likes, and comments over the last few months😉😂. It won’t happen again…maybe…probably not…ah, what the heck, you know it will! Looking forward to more content in 2021. How about 2 posts per day? 3?..

    Best wishes for 2021! p.s. When are you going to share those design blueprints for your time machine?

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    1. I am glad we connected this year too. Do you have any idea how it happened? With getting about 1 new follower every week (and 9/10ths of them never coming back) I can’t tell what’s a real follow and what’s not. So it is usually a month or two before it sinks in that “oh, this person is sticking around” and by that time I’ve forgotten.
      I blame all the extra views on you since you stopped reading, liking and commenting straight from the reader and visited.

      Sometimes I wonder how much content people can absorb. Not even quality content, but disposable stuff that everyone forgets about 2 hrs after they read it. I don’t think I could follow someone who posted twice a day regularly. I’d feel like I “had” to keep up in terms of reading their posts and would probably end up dropping them. That’s me though. I can’t speak for anyone else.

      thank you 😀 I’ll reveal the plans once Jody Foster stops being the Dr and accusing every male in existence of having “the male gaze” and the effrontery to even dare look at women. So probably never? Hahahahaaa.

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      1. I think it was from seeing you in the comments on Weighing A Pig Doesn’t Fatten It. Or it could’ve been your obvious strength in the Force. You drew me to your blog like Han Solo’s blaster to Vader’s hand in Empire.

        I was joking about the 2-a-day posting. I thought I’d left my sarcastic wit in the UK when I moved to Japan, but maybe not… Yeah, I don’t think I could keep up with reading two or more posts per day. I struggle to write one a week, myself😅

        Doctor Karen can kiss my male gaze in the *@#$. I remember when Doctor Who was good. I was watching a David Tennant episode the other day to remind me of happier times. You know, when the writers could actually write characters and plots I cared about. Btw, what time is it where you are?

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        1. Now that you mention Bart, didn’t he write a Dune post this year? That might have been it. It sounds right anyway 😀

          Yeah, the good ol’ days of the Dr. Tennent was great stuff. I’d actually never seen any Dr Who before the reboot and so I went backwards watching old stuff during breaks. I liked tom baker a lot. His scarf drew me in 😀

          It is now 2:20am. I made the mistake of drinking an energy drink about 4pm….

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          1. That’s right. I think it was his Dune review. 😀 Cool!

            Tom Baker was my favourite doctor, although I only remember the very end of his run. I wasn’t keen on Peter Davison, but I did like both Colin Baker–ooh, controversial–and Radagast, I mean Sylvester McCoy.

            I thought it was late. 😂

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      1. Trying to outsmart RL, are you? 🙂 (Like my BFF … ) I‘ve found that my hopes and aspirations have grown more modest with the passing of time, too, though. But I am still at a point where hopes such as continued good health and (mostly) good books to read don‘t seem an impossible ostentation …even if I‘m not taking either for granted. Anyway, let me rephrase my wishes as “may life hold many pleasant surprises for you in 2021,“ then! 😀

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    1. We bloggers are Demi-gods of our blogs. We can kick people off, stop their comments, edit their comments, do almost anything except turn them into donkeys.

      I regularly pruned my followers to real blogs with active people. Because while it might seem great to 2000 followers, but if 3/4 of them are spammy, what’s the point?

      But it is work. So I gave up 😀

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                    1. There are no tariffs in Bookstoogelandia and Our Great Leader has outlawed cancellation fees by other blogs. We are Autonomous. Kind of like Anonymous, but we we wear car masks instead.

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  3. Happy New Year!!!
    It was certainly a very busy year for your blog – and in a positive way, indeed, even though some hiccups (I’m looking at you, block editor! 😀 ) did disrupt the flow. And I did not know that Blogger had changed its editor as well: it looks like a conspiracy! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And a happy new year to you as well!

      I still get angry thinking about the block editor. I really miss the calendar function (where they highlighted dates where you had posts scheduled). I regularly see new people who just want to blog walking away on the forums 😦

      Thankfully, the changes blogger made weren’t as intensive. I also don’t use blogger as much though. One of the people I follow was a big blogger user and I guess how they implemented the changes was pretty bad. ie, things weren’t changed all at once and sometimes they’d work and sometimes not.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Years Andreas!
      Thank you.

      I’m going to be curious about how a vaccine for covid changes things over this upcoming year. We’ll have to see if trickles over onto the blog or not 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It will take a long time to affect the masses – I don’t expect any influence before the second half of the year. At least, the oldest and most affected people will be protected.

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    1. Hey, do you have any idea how the odds were against you for that happening? Almost nobody comes back from “taking a break” that long, so I’d say you were a COMPLETE SUCCESS for bucking the odds.

      I’m glad that you came back and that you’re taking it easier to avoid burn out.

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    1. Thanks YouKneek. Of course, being in a good place isn’t going to stop me from complaining about anything that I can, so I don’t know that anyone will notice, from my words, what a good place I’m in 😀

      You too. It has to be better, right?

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      1. I’m trying to settle into a comfortable equilibrium. No rereading wasn’t going to cut it. But it would be easy to reread too much too. Especially with my Wheel of Time reread only half done.

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  4. Congratulations on the stats, blog did really well, and your reading – enviable! My commenting, on the other hand, is… at least better then my posting ;)?

    I definitely agree with what you say about WordPress, but I don’t think we have a credible alternative – the community is here, any movement away from WP would have to be coordinated… WordPress counts on us not really having much of a choice, and we’re marginal to their bottom line anyway.

    Audible had a nice special offer on extra credits, and I bought a big Dickens audiobook “The Later Years” that contains eight titles, including Great Expectations and Little Dorrit! I should do at least part of that some time this year 🙂

    I did watch more anime in 2020 than in previous years. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood proved to be really fun to watch!

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    1. Thank you.

      And yes, your commenting was greater than your posting. But we both know how low the bar was set for that one! 😀

      I concur. There is no where else to go. And as you say, us free people are basically vehicles for them to stick ads on. I did see a new thing called “Sponsored Posts” where they inject a post into your site promoting WP. If that becomes the norm I’ll be forced to leave. From WP’s behavior, I’d say they were trying to pump up revenue to sell the company during a boom time. But that just doesn’t fit the facts that I know of.

      Glad to hear that audible works for you. I’ve just given up on trying to be an audio fan. I accept my fate 😀

      Had you seen the original FMA before watching Brotherhood? I never watched Brotherhood because it came out so close to the heels of the original and seemed like nothing but a re-tread.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve only seen the Brotherhood (two seasons so far), I’ve read it’s often considered better, and it was waiting for me on Netflix… I can’t say if it’s better, but it’s definitely good.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Not sure… I’d have to see both to vouch for any of them 😉 The beginning of Brotherhood seems a bit rushed, and apparently the original did a better job here, but I’ve read a few chapters of manga before so I wasn’t lost… see for yourself one day instead of re-watching the original 🙂

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  5. Every year your numbers impress me. They also temporarily motivate me until I realize how impossible it is hahaahah Whenever anyone asks me how I read “so much”, I usually go with an answer I stole from you: “It’s a lifestyle.” *puts on sunglasses* But I laugh inside knowing how there are people like you who can read 156 books in a year!

    Hahahahaah I love the concept of “sweat equity”. I think I’m with you there too. If I stop WordPress, it would be to stop blogging altogether. There’s too much invested in my blog and the relationships with other bloggers to even consider some other blogger. Not even some mastermind could seduce me with some new fancy platform with better perks… Never say never though…

    I’m glad to see how you managed to handle this year and all of its troubles. I still remember how pre-COVID, the new work situation seemed like a huge change with loads of challenges. I hope that work has allowed you to open your eyes as to what is most important to you and what you want to do for the coming years though.

    Glad to see I survived the Top Commenters award hahahah No way was I ever going to beat the Ol’10 with his ability to instantly come up with fantastic replies to go with your own hahahah

    Here’s to another fantastic year full of great reads and whatnot. Hopefully, I’ll finally get around to all the gazillion recommendations I got from you too! 😛 Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whether one reads 50 books or 500, it IS a lifestyle. Once that is the focus of your entertainment, then it’s not such a battle. It’s when you split your focus among a lot of various forms of entertainment that the battle commences (pointedly stares at your 155 movies in a totally judgey’ manner 😉 ) I am glad it motivates you, even if momentarily. Sometimes a temporary lift is all we need 😀

      In regards to your blog, if you don’t mind me prying, what level of paid plan do you use? I just saw that WP is now interjecting “sponsored posts” into the blogs of free users and I was livid. but there is no where else to go 😦

      Thankfully, work has resolved itself into a semi-routine. I’m strictly outdoors now and I have nothing to do with the office side of things. It was really bad this summer, to the point where I was dry heaving every morning before going in, so I’m glad that’s done. Staying outdoors and away from people is what I want. I can’t handle anything else 😀

      Don’t feel bad. NOBODY could keep up with Ol’10. He and I are like machine gunners trying to shoot ducks with nuclear missiles. There’s a LOT of collateral splash damage, hahahahahaa 😀

      Honestly, between Dune, Tolkien and Lightbringer, I feel like my work is done. Now you just have to start reading books that in 20 years will be old skool classics that you can blather on about to the next generation 😀

      Happy New Year to you and may ’21 be a bit smoother sailing for us all!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Besides additional functionalities (e.g. site monetization, videopress support, google analytics integration, etc.), I think the most important pros of the premium plan for me is the additional storage space, premium themes, and advanced design customization). Don’t look at me for any convincing to upgrade on your end though hahaha I think it always ends up being a personal preference. Besides going premium, others also go “self-host” but suffer from other obstacles that I definitely don’t want to encounter myself hahaha

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            1. The reason I’m asking is because WP appears to be rolling out “Native Sponsored Posts” and ramming it up the freeblogs. I’m going to be writing about it later this month and it won’t be pretty.

              But I can’t leave either, because self-hosting has so many problems (the few self-hosters I follow are so problematic in terms of integrating into the feed and comments notifications, which are do or die for me), that’s not an option. So I either bend over and say “Yes please, it is good” or I pay the rapists off so they leave me alone….

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  6. Great wrap-up!

    I’ve been thinking about hiding some cash under the mattress that is Blogger, but am a little afraid I’d end up spending too much time tweaking it. But, with the death of Booklikes, I really need a decent backup. hmmm, you may have pushed me to take the plunge. (I’m definitely closer)

    Bookstoogevolta. I’m not sure if I’m excited or scared.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks HC.

      I like blogger at the moment because I have zero social presence there and so there is just no pressure. I put up ONLY my reviews (not even my monthly roundups). I don’t know how google (the owners of blogger) does ads and whatnot. I’m not there enough to find out. So whatever is going to work for you. I do know you can export/import stuff, so you should be able to at least get all your reviews over there.

      Come on man, embrace the inner disco you and the discosuit. You know you want to…

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  7. Well, that’s a nice touch about the top commenters. Your blog served as somewhat of a cornerstone in finding some other great blogs and that’s why I come here first and not forget where I came from so-to-speak.

    Here’s to 2021! There was people outside earlier, which I thought was weird, but good. Now, as Lashaan says,”Go read a book.” 😂 Now, I need to read what these other guys are talking about in the comments, it seems to prove important, including yours! 🤠

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  8. Happy New Year!
    Great that all your stats were up!
    The block editor is the worst- it’s glitchy and horrible and I hate it. It still takes me *a lot* longer to write a post than it used to. I also hate the loss of the scheduling calendar :/ I just wish they hadn’t changed it all.
    Shame about bookhype.
    Love Great expectations- it’s my favourite Dickens!
    Yay- Muppets!! Love those movies!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Monkey!

      If I could just have the scheduling calendar back, I wouldn’t be “happy”, but at least much less annoyed.

      And there is more good news in the future. Sponsored Posts are now a real thing 😦


  9. Happy New Year, Bookstooge! 🥂

    Amazing stats, and I’m scratching my head how someone like you could write a post about blogging jealousy… 😉

    Happy to see myself among the top commenters! Can’t beat Ol’10, but doing my best!! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And a happy new year to you Ola!

      Thank you. I think it is called the human condition 😉

      Heck, if it wasn’t for me replying to everyone else, Ol’10 probably would have me beaten out for comments, hahahahaa 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  10. You’ve spoken about blog envy but I simply have reading envy. Do you know that you read the same amount of pages in December that I read the whole year? It is so tragic. Sob!

    Could you imagine if you kept growing and were getting so many comments that you couldn’t keep up with them? I love comments and discussion but I can imagine getting to a size where it might be problematic. Thankfully I’m not anywhere near that yet.

    Churches are not open here and we aren’t allowed to gather. There was a church in Manitoba who got together in their cars to hear the sermon on the radio and the police showed up and broke it all up. Some here were gathering anyway and getting fined but I’m not sure what’s happening lately.

    Well, I hope you have an even better 2021! All the best!

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    1. I’m soaking in all these good times because I’m sure at some point life is going to throw a curveball and then, well…..
      But without deprecating myself too much, it is a lifestyle choice. sometimes we just have alittle more leeway in the choices available to us 🙂

      I’ve seen some bigger bloggers where the comment section was packed by their followers, and they had stopped replying because it was too much. It wasn’t a place I ever want to be at 😦

      Sadly, I think Western Christianity has pretty much showed its colors during this time. Wait til real persecution comes.

      And the same to you 😀

      Liked by 1 person

        1. If I see any corkers from Verne on your blog, I might try them, but other than that I’ll probably leave him alone.

          Any particular idea what kind of classics? We talking Shakespeare era, or Dicken/Austen or post 1920’s stuff?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I loathe Austen and felt being forced to sit through her works at school was, in some way, surely a breach of the Geneva convention. I did enjoy a Christmas Carol, so may well look into Dickens.

            Sadly, I read the Verne stuff years ago and it’s still fresh enough not to require a re-read 😦

            Liked by 1 person

                1. Check out HG Wells then too. And realize he was writing at a different time, so his style isn’t going to be something we’re used to. I think he wrote a lot of short stories, so you could always try a collection of those?
                  Or you could look up the big names of the 50’s and 60’s and then see who influenced them and go that route.
                  Personally, I’m going to go look up what I can for Manly Wade Wellman. He has a Silver John series which is a precursor to Urban Fantasy. he also did the series that my “Currently Reading” posts picture comes from.

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