Project X – C

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


Coke Zero Orange Vanilla to be specific. Coke Zero Vanilla used to be my gold standard for soda, but once I tasted this new variant back in ’19, I was hooked! Sadly, it isn’t always on the shelf of the grocery story.


Cursing shows a lack of self-control and imagination in the person who uses it. It is condemned throughout the Bible and is grouped with such other sins as lying, murder, stealing and adultery (from Hosea chapter 4). It is also something I struggle with, greatly.

And thus today’s tutorial on the Letter C is complete. Stay tuned for our next thrilling episode, Same bat channel, same bat time!

58 thoughts on “Project X – C

            1. * groans *
              I should have guessed. Well, I’m going to stick you with the bill for the Love/War Boat then.

              Should we let Psychic G come along or get out of town before she finds out we have a boat and are going on a world tour?

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  1. I used to drink Coke and curse a lot. But soft drinks don’t agree with me anymore so I gave up on that. I don’t know why I stopped with the bad language. It just didn’t seem as expressive I think.

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    1. I suspect my time with soda will be coming to an end in a couple of years too. However, that does mean you won’t be wanting Moxie on our World Tour Cruise to the Moon, so that’s always a plus.

      Cursing is a learned behavior and not one easy to break. Especially if one happens to be an emotionally driven person.

      Now, the real question is, did you curse because of the coke? 😉


      1. I was offered a lifetime supply of coke as a prize from this other website but I turned it down. Now he’s pushing Moxie? I’m not sure about his Elon Musk fantasies of a moon voyage either. Is your ship space-ready? Can I still lounge on the deck in a swimsuit? What’s on the moon anyway but some dust? It doesn’t even have any nice beaches. I was hoping for something warmer and sunnier.

        The weird thing about stopping cursing is that it was never a conscious decision for me. I just stopped. I think I just did it so much that I hit a point where I knew I wasn’t saying anything anymore.

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        1. I suspect “that other site” is just a front to launder all the lepreconn’s illgotten gains. His ranting against the franchise seems to be a bit too much.

          Once I’m done with the Love/War Boat, it will be able to go anywhere except the center of the sun. I don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to lounge around, as the lep’s won’t mind and the other 2 should be sloshed enough.
          Moon Babes. Or Moon Hunks, for Fraggle. I’ve seen enough old SF shows to know that the moon is just chockfull of them. Just waiting to shower money and adoration on us.
          See, this is why we need to get together and do some planning. Work something sunny and warm into the itinerary.

          That is interesting. So what comes out of your mouth now when/if you hit yourself with a hammer?


          1. Are there still cat women on the moon? Amazon women might be a handful, in a bad way.

            For some reason I’ve started saying silly things like “Holy Moley” and “jeepers creepers” a lot instead of swearing. Maybe I’m just regressing.

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            1. I’m pretty sure the Rifftrax crew wiped out the cat women. If all that’s left is Amazonian Moon Women I’ll probably pass.

              I try to use non-profanity myself when I need to express a strong emotion. Shazbot has become a good one for me.


  2. And then other people say those that curse often are the most honest. I was thinking I am an honest person but it was all a lie… Sigh, better go get schooled on being more imaginative…. Never even heard of that coke flavor and I do drink a lot of the stuff, the original coke. Over here they also have instead of a coke zero a coke that contains all natural ingredients, tastes like the coke I like and is said to be a kazilion times more healthy than the original. Not that the original is healthy by any means…

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    1. I look at cursing as verbal excrement. While I don’t blame a baby for pooping it’s diapers, I certainly wouldn’t be as happy if YOU decided to just take a poop while sitting in front of me 😀

      Coke has been experimenting with a LOT of flavors recently. I really like the vanilla orange, so that probably means it won’t stick around. a healthy coke eh? That sounds interesting.

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  3. I don’t drink soft drinks… unless there is rum/brandy in them 🙆🏼‍♀️ I might have a sip of Dave’s coke now and then, but that’s more than enough for me.
    My mam never let us curse, but I’m doing it somewhat now (though very little compared to eg Dave). And for some reason only in writing (I have to be Really pissed off to actually swear out loud).

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    1. I wonder if the soda thing is a cultural thing? I’m assuming you didn’t drink it growing up either?

      Huh, that is interesting about swearing, but only in writing. I have to say, this particular project has shown me a lot interesting aspects about people 😀

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      1. My dad is a dentist, so no candy and no soda when we grew up. Though working at the zoo I notice none of the kids will order soda, and if they do all the siblings will share a 0,5L bottle. So culture will also be involved for sure. We don’t have the fancy flavours, and our large in a McDonalds or so is 0,4L.

        Dave has been an influence on my swearing for sure tho. I don’t swear in Dutch, ever. I’ll switch to Afrikaans or English. So us having had a long distance relationship for so long is prob why I do it easier in writing.

        Now it looks like I had a really strict upbringing 🙈😋

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        1. Ahhh, a dentist’s kid. Next hardest thing to being a preacher’s kid, hahahahaa 😀

          That Dave, being a bad influence everywhere he goes. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

          And yet, it made you the person you are today 🙂

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    1. Are you a real sugar coke or a coke zero kind of person though? Being a diabetic means I’m automatically in the Zero camp 😀

      That’s some potent cursing! Maybe you can be our secret weapon…

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      1. Yes to Coke Zero! No sugar will pass these already dulcet lips. There’s such a thing as overkill you know. My curses are not so sweet, but are at the disposal of Cap’n Booky and the W4. The summit must be protected. I’ve had wine.

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        1. I really enjoy the various coke zeros. It has truly displaced diet coke for me.

          Yep, we’ll hold you in reserve in case our guns run out of ammo or something. Then we’ll wheel you out and let you loose on whoever is annoying us at the moment.

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  4. You‘d get withdrawal symptoms if you ever moved here — they don‘t even market your favorite flavor hereabouts. (Though if you‘re lucky you do find Coke Vanilla.) I sometimes even have to look for my own favorite alternative to „regular“ Diet Coke, the lemon flavored variety.

    Cursing — especially the German equivalents of the English four letter words — was parentally prohibited (and would get you a severe talking to) when I was growing up, so it inevitably became part of my teenage rebellion! 😀 My upbringing, by and large, seems to have held the upper hand, though … once, when working for a big American law firm, I was told „You‘ll never become a good litigator until you start cursing more.“ Which is true insofar as cursing is, or can be, an outlet for aggression, and you need a certain amount of fighting spirit as a litigator — and interestingly, I have found that even some colleagues whose manners are exemplary around clients and whom, in everyday conversation, you‘d think miles above any even faint vulgarities do curse rather freely behind the closed doors of their offices, when working on a case.

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    1. I’m pretty cosmopolitan when it comes to soda. Whatever is on hand, I’ll drink it 😉

      I think that is what I dislike about cursing the most. The outlet for aggression that it is. And aggression is something that grows when you feed it. I have enough aggression to deal with internally, thank you very much, without feeding it. It’s hard though, especially when you’re in the woods and the machete hits a rock and sends shivers up and down your entire arm!


      1. Hah. No. Not the wisest moment to choose for aggression. Which only grows if you actually use curses *in order* to feed it, though. Most lawyers I know, very much to the contrary, curse to get rid of their aggression — because it doesn’t do you any good when writing a brief, either; it invariably translates onto the page, and chances are you’ll lose the case … because the judge will feel, sometimes while being aware of it, but sometimes also unwittingly, that you’re taking to aggression because you have no convincing arguments on the merits; and they’ll henceforth literally read *every single word you write* with that idea in their mind. (Which is also why it’s never a good idea to submit a major brief without having had someone from your office read it first — “tone it down” is one of the comments you absolutely want to take seriously and act upon in finalizing your submission.)


        1. I completely disagree with that and while not a world wide traveller or huge people person, I’ve never seen it work out that way.

          we’re going to have to disagree that cursing gets rid of aggression.


    1. When I first heard of it I figured it was one of those “specialty flavor of month” kind of things that coke seems to do. But I knew someone who really liked it and voila, I became a fan too 🙂

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  5. I was always more of a Pepsi person but not the diet version…gurg! Trying to be healthier, I’ve finally found a diet drink I like and that is 7Up free and also the cherry free version. Much better for the health!

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  6. My bible is a little rusty, but there’s one line I remember fairly well (I wrote a post-apocalyptic novel aaaages ago and it featured an angel, so I had him say some quotes every now and then). Said angel didn’t like cursing and the line (I’m paraphrasing here as I can’t remember correctly and google is the crutch of the weak) ‘thou shalt not speak words that do not edify the listener’.

    Always liked that one ever since

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