Project X – G

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


I talked about Granola in one of my Survival Saturday posts a couple of years ago. Whether it is long term survival food or just a yummy breakfast option. Granola has you covered. Healthy and nutritious, it has what you need to keep you going for a long work day or hiking to the last bastion of civilization upon the collapse of the world as we know it.

I’ve actually tossed a couple of the granola and whey milk packets into our 3day Go-bag so if the worst ever happens we have several days of food immediately on hand. Granola just keeps you going!

Gutenberg Editor (Block editor)

Hideously evil, I have never known such a travesty. Changing WordPress from a WYSIWYG platform to a website building platform, thousands of casual bloggers have been tossed out on their ear by Automattic™. No longer is WordPress a bastion for writers, it is now a haunt of the money crazed bastards who want to monetize their sites at your expense.

While I am acclimatized to this new evil, I do not like it one bit. It still makes me Angry just thinking about it.

And that is it for this week. Stay tuned for our next episode, where things are going to REALLY heat up!

37 thoughts on “Project X – G

    1. Absolutely. Just because I’ve become inured to the pain doesn’t mean I still don’t feel it. Have to remind myself what WP decided to do. Because they’re going to do something even worse next time. Even if I have no idea what that is 😦

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    1. What kind of cereal do you like plain?

      I think Ol’10 SHOULD treat everyone to scones. By the by, how did the name “Dix” come into being? I either missed that conversation or something….

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      1. Oh, the cereals I have. Special K. Shreddies (specifically chocolate). Weetabix sometimes. Even Cheerios every now and then. Like a slice of slightly toasted brioche after as well, if I’m feeling fancy.

        Don’t ask me. I just do what everyone else does so I don’t feel left out. I reckon it’s probably Fraggle with her French. She has an obsession! I think they were just calling that before I turned up as a “Johnny-come-lately”. Yeah, I’m still bitter.

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        1. I love shredded wheat. Not sure I could handle it in chocolate though :-/

          I might have to ask then. I figured there was some “reason”. I’ve been around long enough to know better though. Maybe someday I’ll learn 😀

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          1. Oh, chocolate is amazing. You attached a picture here? Afraid I can’t see it on reader. May be for the better. You could have attached anything!

            Ha! “Reason” indeed. Probably just leave it alone, unless you want a mouthful of abuse from ol’ Dix (who has also disappeared by the way, and no one knows where…)

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            1. No, that was an emoji face. That’s interesting it didn’t show up in the reader.

              I’m guessing Ol’10 is dealing with his mom? He mentioned the other week he’d taken her to some appointments so I’m guessing it’s related to that.

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        2. Alex coined the name Dix, which is french for Ten, because as we all know, Alex is French! My contributions are Ol’10, Cap’n Booky, and Otsy. Ol’10 served up Bookstodge and some weird poop for Otsy, and several bad names for Alex. On the whole, I’m winning.

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  1. Totally aggree on both these topics Stooge. I start my morning with meusky and it fills me a lot more than the kellogs generic 9 vitamins and iron schlep. Block editor is a bastard. One id like to punch in the face one day i walked past him on the street

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