Currently Reading: Menace of the Monster

Whereas I complained like someone was killing my firstborn about the introduction to each story in Menace of the Machine, here I am finding it non-objectionable. Maybe because they’re shorter and the editor seems to be strictly talking about the history of the story instead of interjecting his political views into it?

Whatever the reason, this is on track as a 4star read. Keeping my fingers crossed this literary train doesn’t get derailed.

29 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Menace of the Monster

        1. If it is the Loch Ness monster, or supposed to be anyway, then why is it be purple? I’m sorry, but if ol’ Nessy has remained so elusive for so long, he’d (is it a he or she?) be camouflaged with the water – black or dark blue, I’m thinking.

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  1. Do you know what those small buildings are supposed to be? They look like dog houses, but are they changing rooms, outhouses, or something else? Whatever they are, they must be sturdy because the blue snake-dinosaur thingy knocked one over on the cover and it’s still in one piece! 🏖

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    1. I looked at the cover over on librarything where the pix is bigger and that particular one is actually a wagon that has been knocked over. I think the others might be something akin to icefishing houses. It doesn’t seem to make much sense 🙂


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