Legends Never Die (Omega Force #10) ★★★☆☆

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Title: Legends Never Die
Series: Omega Force #10
Author: Joshua Dalzelle
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 209
Words: 69.5K


Jason Burke and Crusher, the head and muscle of Omega Force, go on a wild binge of violence to mourn the passing of their robot friend Lucky from the previous book. This leaves the rest of the crew on their own. Thankfully, they begin operating Omega Force and find some leads about restoring Lucky to a new body. Burke and Crusher are brought on to help steal a new body for Lucky, where they encounter another group stealing some synthoid bodies.

At the same time, The Machine has taken control of the ConFed and taken over another supposedly autonomous empire. This is leaving the galaxy in a whirl with nobody really knowing what is happening.

Lucky gets reactivated in his new body but it’s not working out real well so Burke reaches out to a crimelord. The same crimelord helps Burke against the ConFed and they all realize it is the AI from the Superweapon that has taken over the ConFed.

They begin to plot rebellion.

My Thoughts:

It’s been about 3 years since I last read an Omega Force book (Revolution) and I really needed that break. With that being said, Dalzelle has written 3 more Omega Force books and I’ll be reading them and catching up on the series.

Not having Lucky around to be their Deus ex Machina was a good thing for the plot and for the crew. In fact, once he does get a body, he’s as much a liability as an asset and it gives everybody a chance to reavaluate just where they all stand. Dalzelle is not real strong on writing complex characters so you take what you can get for character growth.

Burke, the head of Omega Force, is as brash, arrogant and loudmouthed as ever. I remember being sick of him by the end of book 9 and this book exemplifies why. Small doses of just a couple of books and I’m ok with it (say, 3 books?) but any more and I’d be quitting again.

A non-challenging, non-deep action pseudo-military story is what you get here. While not wanting to subsist on a diet of that, I do like it occasionally as it adds a bit of something to contrast everything else to.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

16 thoughts on “Legends Never Die (Omega Force #10) ★★★☆☆

    1. I had to double check the cover but I couldn’t tell if that guy painted his bottom blue or not, so I’m undecided if it’s you or not.
      Definitely not me, as I’m not seeing a cape or cowl anywhere…

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    1. Dalzelle (the author) has done a pretty good job of putting up decent covers for his books. They’re not works of art, but they also don’t scream “I drew this in Photoshop” like some indie books do…

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    1. I concur. I shall entitle my memoirs: Bookstooge the Bottomist; The Eternal Fight Against Blue Bottoms.
      I have a feeling the target audience won’t turn out to be who I am aiming it at 😀

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