Project X – L

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


Where do I even start? The picture above is the first “set” of legos that I remember getting for either my birthday or Christmas. Before that I’d just had random pieces that I used as my young imagination saw fit. Legos were imagination made real, tangible, something physical. I was part of th lego club, got the monthly magazine, placed orders for individual pieces 2-3 times a year and spent months agonizing what pieces were the best deal and how to maximize my little bit of money. I remember when the pirate themed sets starting coming out and my younger brother and I split the cost of a tiny set that had a cannon. We each got the cannon for a week at a time while the other got the rowboat.

By the time I was in my mid-20’s I had enough to build a full scale castle and the army besieging it. Weird thing is, once I built that, in a frenzy of imagination one weekend, staying up for almost 48hrs, I haven’t touched them since. They had filled a need in my life and then that need stopped. But even now, I fondly remember all the wicked cool sets that we couldn’t afford and it made me appreciate what we could get all the more.


Do you remember the days when lip-syncing was a bad thing and could destroy your career? Millivanili remembers! And so do I. Man, that was a scandal and a half. Personally, not being a crapp music fan it didn’t bother me, I was just happy to see a so called “star” crash and burn. But I do dislike lip-syncing on the principle of honesty and talent. Lip-syncing bypasses both, so down it goes.

And that is it for this week. Stay tuned for our next episode, which might be a bit heavier so you’ll need to Masticate it more than usual.

38 thoughts on “Project X – L

              1. Sure i could🙂. Pop an audiobook or seven on while i put it all together. The first miniatures i got in a while ago took me ten hours to assemble… i still have to paint those, but time wise over the weekends have become a bit too few to concentrate on those

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  1. Lego was good when it was random pieces put together as you saw fit. I’ve helped some of my neighbour’s grandkids put sets together recently and now they’re more like model kits. Neat stuff, but all the pieces only go together the one way. Before it was all just red and blue blocks. Couldn’t make hit movies out of that!

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    1. Lego has definitely gotten away from it’s roots as a toy of imagination. Now many of the pieces are so specialized that they can only be used for one thing, whereas the bricks allowed the mind to do create whatever it wanted.

      And you’re right, Lego is now more model kit oriented than anything.


  2. Yeah, love Lego from back in the day. But like Alex, I didn’t have any sets or anything. I just used the odd bits and bobs I found and made a mini town. It had parks, buildings, water fountains… and specifically no libraries. Hahahaha!

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  3. Add another person who used to have Legos as a kid … no sets, no pack drill. My 7 year old brother‘s Pirates set was interesting only in that you could use it like any prefabbed toy environment, I.e., for a specific setting … and of no use / interest beyond those bounds. But then, by that time I was officially beyond Legos anyway! 😀

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    1. Yeah, starting in the early 90’s Lego started down the theme road and specialization instead of just generic imagination. I think that helped turn them into the collectors items they are today instead of just a fun toy 😦

      On another note, I am glad you commented. I have not been able to reach your site for a couple of weeks now and I’m not sure how long it’s actually been.
      Let me know if you want the error code and pertinent data.


  4. Won’t have a word said against Milli Vanilli. There’s a reason that they made it to the top, and that’s pure talent. Girl, you know it’s true.

    Can’t be bothered with Lego that only fits together in pre-ordered ways. What’s the point? Where’s the imagination?

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    1. Talent schmalent. They cheated and it destroyed their career, as it should.

      yeah, the later lego sets are more model kits than just imagination toys. Probably what saved the company from going the way of Tinker Toys and erector sets though 😦

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  5. Lego 😁😁😁 My sister and I had a petrol station set… which now that I think of it is a bit of a weird thing to give two little girls. We did also have a lot of miniature cars though so I guess it made sense. We loved it at least. We also had a really big duplo train set.
    I do really like the idea of having some building sets again (I feel they would go great with my listening to audiobook ‘sessions’. But that shit is expansive!

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    1. (edited the f word out.)

      I’m pretty sure lego started out with a create a town kind of vibe. I remember there was a hospital that I wanted, but it was way too big, so expensive. but once they started doing the medieval stuff and then into pirates, they got away from that.

      Oh my goodness, is it expensive. Dave and I were talking about the deathstar and so I looked on the website. They have a superstar destroyer, 4500 pieces and $700. How crazy is that!?!?!?


  6. Legos are amazing! It didn’t pull me in as much as other toys that caught my attention more (Transformers, Power Rangers, etc.) as a kid around the same time though. It’s only in recent years that I found it cool that there are collectors saving up for epic models (e.g. batmobile) that just look too good. Maybe one day when I got nothing better to do I’ll complete one and watch it gain value or something. 😛

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