Project X – Q

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


Mainly because they make fantastic backdrops for pictures 😀 Workwise, I like them because I can sit in one place for the whole day while the poor guy running the rod has to do all the legwork. I’m all for the other guy doing all the work, hahahahaa!


Quandaries are not fun. Some quandaries, such as the funny meme one pictured, are just the person having to make a choice about something little with no real consequences (unless you know the song). But we have all faced quandaries where no matter what we do, it’s the wrong decision and somebody is going to get hurt or the situation is going to get worse. I’ve faced very few of those in my life, thankfully, but the couple I did have to tackle were just no good 😦

And that is it for this week. Stay tuned for our next episode, . where I do something clever with R, because it sure isn’t happening in this blurb!

29 thoughts on “Project X – Q

            1. Ahhh, but the quandary is this:
              Do I throw you off a quarry or not for putting me in such a quandary.
              Any input?
              I hear that quarry bottoms can be quite cool and refreshing at the right time of year….

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