Project X – T

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


Being thankful is good to see in one’s own life, but I always like it when I see it in other people. Especially when they are thankful to ME for some wonderful thing that I just did for them. Like entering a quiz. Such a little thing but if it brings joy and happiness to someone and it helps them to be thankful to me, I am all for it. And if someone is so thankful to me that they want to buy me a years supply of energy drinks, I won’t decline. Just sayin’…..

Tabasco sauce

Despite my post where I praised Tabasco Man to the skies, the reality is that I don’t actually like tabasco sauce. I am not a spicy person. Never have been but as the decades have rolled on, I get less spicy with every year. I figure in another 20 years I should be down to eating nothing but oatmeal with raisins. And I’ll be happy with that. As long as no one tries to sneak tabasco sauce into my oatmeal anyway. Someone is going to DIE if that happens (most likely me as my stomach ruptures from the unaccustomed spiciness!)

And that is it for this week. Stay tuned for our next episode, where only the Uncanny shall be shown! * ghost noises *

30 thoughts on “Project X – T

  1. I’m going the opposite direction from you. I can handle more spiciness with age. I used to not even like black pepper as a child. I slowly increased my tolerance over the years. I still can’t do super spicy, but I consider it a win that I like any hot sauce at all. Texas Pete garlic hot sauce is the bee’s knees.

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    1. Thanks for asking. We’re both much better. I think Mrs B is recovering faster than me. I’m still feeling like I’m lagging. Had issues with walking up a hill the other day with a mere 40lbs of equipment. It was sad 😦
      But I sure hope to be all good by February.

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    1. If you can handle it and like it, more power to you!
      Just like people who enjoy jumping out of airplanes or base jumping. Just don’t ask ME to do it, hahahahahaa 😀

      How’s Phil handle the hotness? Is he egging you on?

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      1. No he likes about the same as me, we don’t overdo it, just a little splash of hot sauce in stuff now and then to pep up the tastebuds. We are old and your tastebuds die off and don’t get replaced you know. We don’t jump out of airplanes though. 😁

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        1. See, things like this are why I’m never bored with the people who follow me. Here we are, going along, both thinking we’re semi-normal and then you reveal something like THIS and I’m totally flabbergasted.
          And yes, I am totally tabasco/avocado shaming you…

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    1. Food enjoyment is such a personal thing. I don’t even like trying to make a universal statement for or against because sure as shooting there’s bound to be somebody who likes it differently 😀

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