Fraggle Rock Season One (TV 1983)

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Fraggle Rock follows the adventures of a core cast of 5 fraggles, little creatures that live in the wall of a shed of an inventor named Doc and his pet dog Sprocket. Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley and Boober each have a 30min work week and this show is all about their adventures.

They live in a place called Fraggle Rock, which is also inhabited by Doozers, even smaller creatures that live to build, and Gorgs, humongous creatures whose gardens the Fraggles raid for radishes.

The biggest difference between this and the muppets is that this was aimed directly at children. Lots of easy to repeat songs, fraggles screaming and hollering at the drop of a hat and simplistic and silly morality lessons.

Gobo is the main lead and his job is collect a postcard each week that his intrepid uncle, Explorer Matt, sends him. Uncle Matt has headed out into Outer Space (our world) to explore and each postcard tells of a different experience he has. Gobo has to overcome great danger each time, as the postcards are delivered to the shed where Doc and Sprocket tinker around.

The interactions between the Fraggles and the Gorgs play a big part of the show too. The Gorg King and Queen (who are the rulers of the universe) have a rather dumb son named Junior. Junior’s highest ambition in life is to catch Fraggles and thump them. In the gorg garden lives Marjory the Trash Heap, the All Knowing and All Seeing. She’s pretty much an oracle to the Fraggles and half the adventures revolve around the Fraggles avoiding the gorgs to talk to the Trash Heap.

What’s more, it all works. It works REALLY well. It did take me a couple of episodes to adjust my expectations but I was watching this while dealing with our covid adventures, so it was perfect to watch as I lay on the couch without much of a brain. It was bright, colorful, funny and easy to follow. Everything the doctor ordered in fact.

“Fraggle Rock is Great” The Almighty Trash Heap HAS SPOKEN!

I am pretty happy with this first season of Fraggle Rock and am already looking forward to watching more.

Sorry about having to use the jackass picture again, but the jackass who made me use it in the first place is back. I suspect it will be a regular thing for all movie related posts from now on. My apologies for someone else being a complete jackass.

23 thoughts on “Fraggle Rock Season One (TV 1983)

    1. The trash heap is funny!

      The jackass thing is because there’s a blogger who does not nothing but repost. He started taking my stuff until I put the jackass picture up so I figured he’d stopped. Then I didn’t use it for Dune and voila, he was at it again. So here we are 😦

      Actually, very little shoveling will occur. We got 8in tops, and hte wind has been blowing it all over the place….


  1. I used to work week-ends as a barman. By six o’clock on a Sunday evening, all the day trippers were gone but the locals had yet to arrive. There was just me and one other dude. So I got to see every episode of Fraggle Rock. And Highway to Heaven. And Remington Steele. Weirdly enough I can remember little or nothing about the Fraggles themselves – but Doc, Sprocket, the Gorgs, the Trash Heap and the Doozers*, I remember only too well. It was an engaging series, but – and I mean no disrespect – it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it had been produced by a bunch of hippies, what with the fun-loving fraggles being in sharp contrast to the tiny workaholic doozers in their hard hats, so engrossed in their (pointless!) constructions that they never looked up.

    And yeah, a quick google reveals that the English version replaced Doc with lighthouse-keeper. I wonder why?

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    1. I like the Doozers 😀 I think your analysis of the producers is spot on too, hahahahaa.

      I think the wraparound scenes (doc and sprocket and alternates) were shot in each country and then “wrapped” around the fraggle stuff. Kind of like how anime can be “localized” here in the US if a company thinks its audience will be too stupid to understand :-/


  2. I don’t remember what day it was on but I watched this every week after getting home from school. I loved it, and would look forward to it every time. I watched the opening theme song on YouTube recently and it was great! Ah, sweet sweet nostalgia, a doorway to a more innocent carefree time. Thanks, mate. 😀

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  3. I’m a bit late to this review, but I loved Fraggle Rock as a kid. And I seem to recall my folks enjoying watching it with me. For whatever reason, I really enjoyed the scenes with Doc and Sprocket, perhaps because the kid version of me could see this all being real when they zoomed out to the “real” world. Brings back some good memories. 🙂

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