Project X – U

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


Ukuleles have a special place in my heart. When Mrs B and I were courting, her mom took the family (and invited me along) to Hawaii for a weeklong vacation. It was fantastic! We spent one day at the Polynesian Cultural Center and one of things they offered were ukulele lessons. One quick lesson for beginners 😉 By the end I was playing like a real pro while Mrs B sang. We really killed “You are my Sunshine”. We briefly thought about taking our show on the road, but our natural modesty forbade it. But to this day we always look back fondly on just what might have been 😀


Underwear, the scourge of mankind! And this just isn’t my opinion. This time, I’ve got SCYENZE on my side. Scyenze has PROVED beyond all doubt that anyone who wears underwear CANNOT go commando. It is physically impossible. Our RIGHTS to be all natural and organic is being covered up at the highest levels of Government. I’ve even heard rumors that the President of the United States himself is covering up, I kid you not. So next time you look into that drawer and are wondering if you should put on that underwear, ask yourself this one question: “Am I am a baby killing, planet destroying, grandma euthanizing, radical wing nut troglodyte?” I hope you make the right decision.

And that is it for this week. Stay tuned for our next episode, . where I Valiantly fight off all contenders!

24 thoughts on “Project X – U

    1. “Scyenze” is the religion that people have made out of science. You know, when people say things like “science says” and then start spouting all sorts of non-sense. Or using one fact and extrapolating into ridiculous territory.

      Yeah, good memories 😀

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        1. Exactly.

          Good luck iwth those underpants. I hope you don’t wake up one night to find them strangling you. I don’t want to alarm you but……
          studies have shown that the mortality rate of those who wear underwear is 100%…..

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    1. Nah, that was all me just being silly. You can’t live in New England, work outdoors and not wear underwear. It’s a necessity.
      But as soon as we move to Georgia!……

      And truth be told, you try wearing jeans for a day in commando mode. You gotta have balls of steel or be really practiced 😀

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