Sometimes I Wonder About Me

Am I insane? I mean really. As I’m typing this I am having comment conversations with Dix (the Film Authority) about the Book of Secrets that he’s trying to rescue with chinese acrobats on Alex’s movie blog on a post about the Tempest, where Alex and I realized that there is a secret Island in the middle of Washington DC that only materializes once a year on Presidents Day. Meanwhile I’m talking with Otsy (Over the Shoulder) about him being Uncle Darth Otsy and how I’m his favoritest nephew.

There is a line between being insane and just having complete nonsense coming out of your finger tips. I regularly wonder if I cross that line. I guess that will just have to be one of Life’s Great Mysteries.

Good evening.

32 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wonder About Me

    1. I do, I really, Really, REALLY do. But then you went and got chopped up by the helicopter blades while Darth Otsy looked on from a pool of blood, laughing.

      I mean, how are we supposed to come back from that?!? Where’s reality when you need it?

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        1. …you’ve kind of spoiled my big reveal. But if you hold the map to the light, the founding fathers left a message written on musical notes that can only be played by the pipe organ in the Kremlin. Do you have what it takes to travel to Moscow, face the music and potentially open the vortex that will take us out of the Mentalverse?

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    1. Hahahaa.
      Actually, our church supports a christian based therapy clinic and so our church has an hour a week set aside by the clinic for our members. I have thought about it but figure there are people who can use it more than me! 😀

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