Project X – X

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.


I am not infatuated with Xylophones, but I sure do remember those bright colors and the easy to plink out little songs I learned in elementary school. Having the notes tied to a visual medium is a sure fire way to help kids learn about the mechanics of music. As an adult, the thought of having something like this in a house with kids horrifies me (much like Bilbo, I like my silence and solitude), but then, so does having a tv.

Xi Jinping

I have tried to keep this section pretty light, as you all don’t come here to get harangued at. However, Communism in China has gone on long enough for the entire world to see the outcome, even if they deliberately turn a blind eye. Xi Jinping is the epitome of Chinese Communism and there is not one good thing I can say about him.

And that is it for this week. Only two more entries to go. I will definitely be keeping them a bit more upbeat and light.

17 thoughts on “Project X – X

  1. Not sure what’s going on in China is even communism any more. It’s like Russia, basically an oligarchy of rich families siting at the top of a one-party state. Then there’s a private sector that they loot for themselves. Beware of this happening in your neighbourhood . . .

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  2. I like the big xylophones and listening to Dame Evelyn Glennie (who is deaf) play them, she’s amazing. Xi Pingjing or whatever is just another megalomaniac because that’s what the world needs right now 😎 and he is not amazing.

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