A Magical Beginning!

I have decided on a new series of posts to do. It’s going to be a bit different than my typical, as I usually tend towards the “word” side of the spectrum. I’m going to be tagging it #MagicMonday. Here’s what inspired it and what to expect.

Last year Scent of a Gamer starting doing posts where he showcased artwork from various Magic: The Gathering cards and wrote a sentence or two about the illustrator or some fact about it. Not only was it interesting but it was nice to look at as well. It got me thinking about Magic and particularly how I’d gotten my start with the 4th Edition and how the images from the game just fascinated me along with the game itself back in ’95. Images from that time have imprinted themselves on my mind and shaped me in ways I can’t fully describe.

So I have decided to start showcasing the cards from the 4th Edition of Magic the Gathering. I’m not going to track down the artwork but just show the card. I will make the picture clickable for the larger version so you can see it much easier. I’m not going to write about it in the post. It will be a wordless post except for the title, which will be the card name and ” – MTG 4th Edition”. I plan on going through all 378 of them alphabetically. If I do have something to say about the card, I’ll leave a comment. It’s going to take a long time at just twice a month but since I doubt anyone is in any hurry, just sit back, look at the pretty picture (or not so pretty as is the case for quite a few) and enjoy the silence. It’s probably about the only time I WILL be quiet for a post ๐Ÿ˜‰

27 thoughts on “A Magical Beginning!

    1. Oh man, is it popular!
      Hasbro bought out Wizards of the Coast some years ago. Magic has been their big moneymaker, allowing them to float a lot of their other unprofitable sections of their company.

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    1. It is amazing how just looking at some of the cards brings back memories clear as day!
      That is cool that it inspired you to draw. Did you stick with it? I mean, I know you showcased your art for awhile before stopping on your blog…


      1. A bit off and on. I quit drawing in my twenties because I felt like, even though I was proud of my work, that I was just doing it to get appreciation from other people. During the burnout I took it up again as a kind of coping mechanism and now I stopped again.

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            1. Ahhhh. Well, as you can tell, I like attention and have no problem calling it to myself. But I do understand not liking a particular aspect of one’s self. Us self-introspective types get hit hard that way I’m afraid…


  1. This is a great idea! I had a friend in HS who was obsessed with the game. Sadly, I just never got into it. Looking forward to seeing the art. ๐Ÿ‘

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  2. I remember getting into Magic when it came out. It was sort of like D&D but much simpler, which I appreciated. I had loved D&D earlier in life but when Magic came out I wanted games that weren’t quite so complex. We must have started in the first year or two of the game. We played for a couple years, and I recall purchasing a couple boxes of booster packs, hoping to get certain rare cards, though I don’t think I ever did. I had no idea they came out with new editions of the game. Pretty cool. I look forward to seeing the cards.

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    1. They’ve been releasing new sets 2-4 times a year ever since then. It’s incredible.

      I think Garfield, the creator, stated that he created it because he wanted something to play while between d&d sessions or at cons or something. Quick and small ๐Ÿ™‚

      I actually am too. I haven’t seen some of these cards since I played this edition in ’95!

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    1. I have. What I have discovered though is that magic, for me, is about playing with one or 2 people that I enjoy being around. While I enjoy the game, I don’t enjoy it for itself that much. I can’t enjoy a game with random strangers. I know because I have tried :-/

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