41 thoughts on “Abomination – MTG 4th Edition

    1. THere are 5 colors in magic. Black, Blue, Green, Red and White. Each color has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. There are also allied and enemy colors, which synergize or not.
      Here’s a picture of the “color pie”. Colors next to your chosen color are allied colors, colors opposite are enemy.

      So you can see that white and green are opposite black.

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      1. No. Most magic cards have an indication of their rarity on the left side underneath the picture, with a symbol that corresponds with the pack they’re from. I was wondering why this one doesn’t have a symbol. If it had one, it would probably be in silver or gold because it sounds like a strong card.

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        1. Ahhh, yes, the common/uncommon/rare/mythic indicator.
          That didn’t come into being until much later. At the beginning there was NO indication, later on they had the words in teeny print somewhere on the card and then eventually they started using the coloring.

          Basically back then you didn’t know if something was a rare or not unless you bought Scrye and looked it up…

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                1. Hahahaa! Considering how Sherlock went, I think i’ll hold off on any more buddy watches. Reviewing movies is HARD! I still haven’t gotten around to writing up the 3rd episode and I really, really enjoyed it.

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                    1. I’m falling behind though. Last month I was a full 4 weeks scheduled ahead. Now, I’m barely 3 and losing ground every week. I need to change something to shake all the words loose 😀

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  1. I think this one is new to me. Sounds like a potentially powerful card if your opponent has a fair number of white/green in play. Looking at the details on the card and some of the comments lets me know how much I’ve fogotten about the game.

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    1. The sad thing is, most of the cards I’ll be showcasing from the 4th Edition are simply outpowered by modern cards.
      Even this guy, he simply costs too much (the cost is in the upper right corner).


    1. Nothing as of now. Throughout the years WotC (wizards of the coast) has always semi-floated the idea of a cartoon tv show for magic, but it has never taken off.
      In 2007 wotc introduced Planeswalkers to magic, which became “characters” in a grand story and everyone was all excited that this would be the push to get a tv show. Still nothing.
      And even today, still nothing. I have no idea why or what the backroom reasons are, but magic and a tv show just can’t seem to meet….

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