Project X – Z

For all the bionic details about what led to the Creation of Project X, please visit the Intro Post. It’s totally worth six million bionic dollars.

Zacama, the Primal Calamity

When it comes to Dinosaurs, Zacama is top dinosaur! When I play her in my Fight or Flight commander deck, she totally stomps. Of course, with her in the command zone, everyone knows what is coming and they do their best to make sure she never makes it out onto the field 😀


Outside of the Resident Evil movie franchise, I can not stand zombies. Quick or slow, smart or stupid, ugly or human ugly, I simply don’t like them. I don’t care how much of the badguy they are, it doesn’t matter. They’re not something I enjoy.

It’s been fun but as the Alphabet ends, so does this series. Thus I end this Project X.

38 thoughts on “Project X – Z

  1. The end? But zombies promise a new beginning! How can you kill that which is already dead, etc.

    Well, personally I love zombies. And zombie movies. Even some zombie books. But the three-headed Mexican dinosaur seems pretty cool too. So you end up with two thumbs-up from me.

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    1. Well, the magic cards are the successor to this Project, so technically this is just a merge.

      We’ve talked before but the only zombie movies I’ve ever enjoyed were the Resident Evil franchise. Just the ones with Jovovitch though, none of the animated ones or that reboot.


    1. Just like that!
      *snaps fingers*

      I’m not sure I could figure out things that I like or dislike based on prime numbers 😀

      Yeah, one whole set of magic was based around dinosaurs. It was fantastic!

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  2. While i liked the first jovovich Resi Evil i love the Resident evlil 2 game the most. The animations felt like you had to have played that one in order to follow some what. Eff! Only lnows what the reboot was supposed to be. People are backside abusing my favorite game franchises left right and center these days…. Cant blame you for not liking zombies that much.

    And i thonk the reason WP deleted my post had some thing to do with that amazing mTG card and not having panties! I joke of coarse or am I?

    This was a great run of posts Stooge. Glad for all the laughs they brought and some heavy sobering ones in between here and there as well.

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    1. I never played any of the games, so I didn’t mind any liberties the movies took with the franchise. Some times it helps not being a fan 😀

      Hahahahaaa. Yeah, I can imagine you DID say something like that 😀 😀 😀

      Thanks Dave. It was a nice change from book reviews.

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        1. Well, considering that you have to “re-master” it every 3 months now (that’s how often a new set comes out), I think you saved yourself a LOT of money by not. Your kids will thank you 😉

          Of course, I did have a lot of fun, sooooo……

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          1. Yeah, money was part of the reason I never pursued fully. It was clear already when I dabbled in it that you had to invest a lot to get a respectable deck, especially if you wanted to keep it up to date.

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    1. I am going to start in on a Magic Monday where I just showcase older Magic the Gathering cards. Not going to write anything in the post, just put the card picture. I’m getting worded out and that seems like a nice compromise between burning out and not posting at all.

      Yeah Zacama is pure awesome-sauce. They had some really cool dinosaurs in that particular set and they were all big monstrous things. Just how you’d want a dinosaur in a fantasy setting with vampire conquistadors 😀

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