29 thoughts on “[Repost] Burn!

    1. Well, you see, when a little boy grows up sometimes he doesn’t really grow up. Then everybody, including fires, make fun of him.

      I hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson from this….

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  1. Pretty sure 80’s fashion is still in. But world wide its sort of different. I never had a fashion sence tho. If i could go anywhere barefoot i was happy. Also hated jeans

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  2. I had a dress in junior high that I would love to have again. Oh, and the velvet dresses in high school and the perfect fit of the straight-legged Levi’s. So much good fashion in the 80s.

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    1. I”m guessing there’s a difference between straight legged levi’s and relaxed fit? My fashion sense tends to be limited to “do I like this or not?” 😀

      On a side note, your gravatar is still pointing to your old dotcom site and not your wordpress site. Just an fyi…


      1. Oh, I didn’t even think about my Gravatar. Forgot it existed. I wonder if I know the password to change it…? Lol.
        Straight legged does not mean relaxed fit. It just means not tapered at the ankle. I’ve always been very thin. I can’t wear relaxed fit. Hated the tapered style too. That was bad 80’s fashion.

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