35 thoughts on “Alabaster Potion – MTG 4th Edition

        1. X is as much as you can pay. If you see the “X” up in the right corner? That corresponds to the X in the description.

          If you don’t know what a D’Avenant Proverb is, then I suggest you go read MLK Jr’s “I Had a Dream” speech. It’s chock full of D’Avenant Proverbs…

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          1. Huh? I still don’t understand X. There’s an X with a couple of ninja throwing darts in the upper right corner. What is how much I can pay? What if I can’t pay anything? What if all I have is a book of D’Avenant proverbs? What are they worth?

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            1. I’m guessing it has been a long time since you took an Algebra class? X is always equal to the cosign of the apposite angle of the hypotenuse. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

              The ninja stars are plains. You have to tap 2 plains, at midnight, while chanting from the book of Luther to power this spell. If you mispronounce anything though, deviled egg dogs will eat your soul…

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              1. Ah, but what if I give the deviled egg dogs a cup of eggnog? I’ll bet they’d be wagging their tails and licking my face like good doggies. Can I just watch Idris Elba’s Luther on DVD instead of reading from the book? It has, indeed, been decades since I took an Al Gebra’s class in Xology. Was he a card sharp?

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                1. You can try the eggnog trick, but it’s at your own peril.
                  Depends on how faithful the movie was to the book. As long as you don’t say the wrong word you don’t have to worry about deviled egg dogs.

                  Was he a card sharp? Shame on you. He was a card counter…

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    1. It’s called “flavor”. Each set has it’s own internal story and the story is hinted at or spelled out through quotes or bits of info in this spot on the card.
      I’m not sure how much actual “story” there is for these early sets. But it gives the flavor that Wizards of the Coast was aiming for.

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