21 thoughts on “Aladdin’s Lamp – MTG 4th Edition

      1. The more the merrier! Dix can be the grumpy old white guy who hoards everything, Dave can stomp around with his Warhammer ones and I’ll sit back and laugh evilly in the background.


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    1. You’d be surprised at the shenanigans people get up to in magic. Without rules like that, it would pure chaos in the game!

      Boo-boo says that you hurt his feelings with that comment. So he’s coming after you with a meat cleaver tonight. Fair warning, makes the game all the more fun, right? 😉


    1. Funny you should mention that about tarot. That was one of the reasons I stopped playing back in the 90’s. It was too similar to occultic stuff that I wanted nothing to do with.

      The artists only have a small space to draw so they had to create something that was obvious (so the players could tell what the card was just by looking at the picture) and unique but not simplistic. It was a real balancing act!

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